What is a whitelist spot?

Most projects offer a whitelist spot to supporters who are genuinely interested in the project and add value. To really get noticed by the founding team and earn your spot, you must actively engage on the Discord chat and have meaningful conversations about the project with other community members.

What blocklist does PiHole use?

RegEx Blocklist PiHole features RegEx (regular expression), which can create more complex filter rules for your PiHole set up. This is often described as an “advanced” function, but any user can take the time to learn how to properly write RegEx entries.

What is a white list NFT?

Whitelisting involves adding specific crypto wallet addresses to an allowlist. If you are whitelisted for an NFT project, you will be able to mint the project before the official launch date and often a lower price. Whitelisting allows project teams to reward early supporters and promote community engagement.

Why do you deserve a whitelist spot?

Whitelist spots are given out for a variety of different reasons; these reasons could include a reward for inviting 10 people to a Discord channel, winning an art contest and more. There are different metrics that are used to determine who deserves a whitelist spot for a project.

Does Pihole stop YouTube ads?

Pi-hole references a database of known domains to block advertising-related websites at the DNS level. On the other hand, ad-blocking extensions manually filter out advertising-related code after you load a webpage.

Does Pihole block all ads?

Pi-hole is a general purpose network-wide ad-blocker that protects your network from ads and trackers without requiring any setup on individual devices. It is able to block ads on any network device (e.g. smart appliances), and, unlike browser add-ons, Pi-hole blocks ads on any type of software.

Does PiHole stop YouTube ads?

Does PiHole block all ads?

Does Pi-hole stop YouTube ads?

Does Pi-hole block Facebook ads?

Pi-Hole has been deemed as one of the most effective ways to block ads network-wide since it works at the DNS level, which means that it doesn’t affect the network performance and it can actually improve it considering that some ads can slow down the loading time for websites or apps (and with Pi-Hole, they don’t get …