What is ACTi service on Android?

ACTi Mobile Client allows you to view and control cameras on your smartphone or tablet. Easy access to live camera and playback for remote and real-time surveillance.

How do I setup my ACTi Mobile Client?

To start using ACTi Mobile Client, please download and install this app in your device. In “Google play”, search the keyword “ACTi Mobile Client” and install the app directly. It requires Internet access for the mobile device. After installation is complete, the application icon will appear on main screen.

What is the mobile client?

A mobile client is a technology designed to extend the features of a company’s mobile telephone system. The technology makes it easier for employees to: Separate personal and business communications while using one smartphone.

How do I access my ACTI camera?

Open a web browser and type 192.168. 0.100 on the URL address bar. The Web Configurator appears. Login to access the Camera.

What is the default IP address for ACTI cameras?

IP Address Load Admin
Username admin
Password 123456 or 12345

What are the types of mobile clients?

In the following sections, we describe these client types in more detail.

  • Figure 3-4 Client types.
  • Figure 3-5 Thin client–Zero layers.
  • Figure 3-6 Fat client–One layer.
  • Figure 3-7 Fat client–Two layers.
  • Figure 3-8 Fat client–Three layers.
  • Figure 3-9 Web page hosting–One layer.
  • Figure 3-10 Web page hosting–Two layers.

What is mobile client in CLOud computing?

Mobile cloud computing centered are generally accessed via a mobile browser from a remote webserver, typically without the need for installing a client application on the recipient phone. This concept is also sometimes referred to as MoClo, a combination of MObile CLOud.

How do I reset my ACTI camera?


  1. Disconnect the power cable.
  2. Press and hold theReset Button. While continuing to hold the reset button, reconnect the powercable.
  3. After the power cable plugged keep holding the reset button around 6seconds, release the reset button. The unit will reset to factory settings.

How do I reset my ACTi camera?

What is the default username and password for HIKVision camera?

Surveillance Brands – Default Username and Passwords

Brand User Name Password
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234
IOImage admin admin
IPX-DDK root Admin or admin