What is an AF Form 931?

AF Form 931, Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) Worksheet (AB Thru TSgt), is a form used to document effectiveness and duty performance history. It is filled out on a regular basis by the airman’s supervisor and monitors the airman’s mission capabilities and deployment readiness.

What is ACA feedback?

Why ACA is required Communication. Effective feedback is a realistic assessment of an individual’s performance and knowing your Airman. The rater should discuss the ratee’s skills and abilities, behavior, how he or she affected the mission and what his/her goals are professionally and personally.

When must an ACA session be held?

ACA Requirements: An initial ACA session is held for all Airmen from AB–Col, within 60 days of being assigned a rating official.

What is an ACA military?

ACA – Airspace Control Authority. ACC – Air Combat Command, also Area Control Center.

What does ACA stand for in the Air Force?

Does TRICARE count as ACA?

Under that law, most Americans must buy some form of health care. However, Tricare is considered minimum essential coverage under the law. In other words, if you’re eligible for Tricare, you don’t need to buy any other health care to meet the ACA’s mandate.

Is TRICARE considered ACA?

TRICARE is one of a number of plans Veterans might consider when searching for coverage that meets the standards of the health care law or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Most TRICARE health plan options meet the requirements for minimum essential coverage (MEC).

How do I find my AEF indicator?

Where can I find my AEF indicator? Upon login to vMPF, Airmen can view the initial page that shows a box containing their AEF deployment status. This includes their AEF indicator, rotation period and the date their commander assigned them to a specific AEF.

What do the letters ACA stand for?

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

How do I sign the new AF 931 form?

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What is Afaf form 931 performance feedback?

AF Form 931, Performance Feedback Worksheet Purpose. Performance feedback is a private counseling session between the supervisor and the ratee during which the supervisor explains what is expected regarding duty performance and how well the ratee is meeting those expectations.

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How to sign Afaf 931 PDF on Android device?

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