What is Autodiscover DNS entry?

Exchange Autodiscover allows you to set up your mailbox in your mail client using just your email address and password. The Autodiscover DNS (CNAME) Record is usually added by default when you purchase a Hosted Exchange subscription.

What does SRV mean in DNS?

The DNS “service” (SRV) record specifies a host and port for specific services such as voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging, and so on. Most other DNS records only specify a server or an IP address, but SRV records include a port at that IP address as well.

How do I create an autodiscover record in DNS?

How To Create an Autodiscover Record

  1. Log on to your internal DNS server or domain controller.
  2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click DNS.
  3. Click to expand.
  4. Click to expand Forward Lookup Zones.
  5. Select the domain for which you would like to create an Autodiscover record.

How do I find my DNS Autodiscover?

Using Outlook From the context menu, choose “Test E-mail AutoConfiguration…”. Here, you can enter user’s credentials of the e-mail account you want to check. In order to verify Autodiscover service, check “Use Autodiscover” box and click “Test”.

Is Autodiscover needed?

Autodiscover is a service that automatically configures email clients, such as Outlook. It is a necessary requirement for correct access and smooth operation of your Hosted Exchange service.

How do DNS SRV records work?

SRV (Service) records are custom DNS records. They are used to establish connections between a service and a hostname. When an application needs to find the location of a specific service, it will search for a related SRV record.

What is the purpose of SRV records?

The SRV record is a Domain Name System (DNS) resource record. It’s used to identify computers hosting specific services. SRV resource records are used to locate domain controllers for Active Directory.