What is Ghumto pratha?

Ghumto Pratha: Covering Head by Married woman is called gumto system. The married women especially in Tarai region cover their face with the part of sari or shawl to keep their face unseen by males except their husband. This practice is a burning example of gender discrimination.

Where does Ghumto Partha prevail?

Ghumto Pratha is a custom of covering the face by a married woman with a Ghumto when they are infront of men or any respectable person. It is prevailing in eastern and middle Terai region of Nepal.

How does Ghumto pratha hampers the development of women’s personality?

Ghumto Pratha is an unnecessary burden to women. This is because the women are kept in social pressure. If any woman speaks against it, she is called a curse to society and is stigmatized. In fear of being hated from the society, no woman speaks against such custom.

In which province is Ghumto pratha highly Practised?

Ghumto Pratha: This custom is called the Ghumto Pratha. it is practiced in the terai region.

What are the customs of Nepal?

People usually eat with their hands, scooping and serving themselves with the right hand. Only pass food and wipe your mouth with your right hand. The left should only be used to stabilise plates. Hindus do not eat beef out of veneration for the cow.

Where is Chhaupadi practiced?

Chhaupadi is an ancient tradition practised in some rural parts of Nepal. It involves banishing people, often young girls, to mud huts or sheds for the duration of their period, or even longer. It is believed they will otherwise bring their family bad luck, or ill health.

Why is deuki pratha considered social evil?

Deuki is one of the traditionally customized social evils found in the hilly region of Far Western development region. It is a threat to modern age that hampers the social development. It has created the following problems: Women have been regarded as suppressed sex compelled to lose their rights.

What are the evil practices that appear in our society?

THE decline of community; the rise of individualism; consumerism; falling values; family breakdown; youth crime; drugs and alcohol abuse; poverty; immigration and racism; and crime. These, according to an influential think tank, are the 10 modern social evils facing British society today.

Why is deuki pratha considered a social evil?

Is Nepal rich in culture?

The culture of Nepal is rich and unique. The cultural heritage of Nepal has evolved over the centuries.

Why is Nepal rich in culture?

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (former Kingdom of Nepal) is a rich country in term of cultural heritage. Nepalese culture represents a fusion of Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Mongolian influences, the result of a long history of migration, conquest, and trade.