What is Methodz real name?

Anthony “Methodz” Zinni (born August 15, 1997) is an American player who is currently playing for Boston Breach.

How old is Zinni?

age 24

Name Anthony Zinni
Country of Birth United States
Birthday August 15, 1997 (age 24)
Residency NA North America

How much does Methodz make?

Earnings By Year

Total Results
2021 $30,250.00 15.19%
2020 $77,000.00 38.65%
2019 $18,024.56 9.05%
2018 $55,125.00 27.67%

Is Methodz on a CDL team?

Boston CDL eyeing veterans and amateurs for roster. Methodz and TJHaLy have been playing together since the Vanguard season began. They were also playing with Paul “PaulEhx” Avila and Carlos “Venom” Hernandez, but that duo just announced their intentions to start the 2022 season in CDL Challengers.

Where is Zooma from?

ZooMaa’s family is from Italy so he wears the Italian flag on his jerseys.

How tall is Methodz?

5’8 man
Methodz on Twitter: “@masonhager75 @OpTicH3CZ @Octane_ 5’8 man..

Who is zinny Cod?

Anthony “Methodz” Zinni is a pro COD player. Methodz, also known as Anthony Zinni, is a professional Call of Duty player. Methodz began his Call of Duty career on COD 4: Modern Warfare for the PlayStation 3 at 11 years old.

Where is faze aBeZy from?

United States

Name Tyler Pharris
Country of Birth United States
Birthday November 3, 1999 (age 22)
Residency NA North America

Is FaZe a Zooma?

“ZooMaa has been part of the FaZe family since he began competing for us in 2015. Having him return to the brand in the next stage of his career, as a creator, is something we are extremely excited about. He’s always been a natural fit here,” says FaZe Clan founder FaZe CBass.

Where is optic Dashy from?


Name Brandon Otell
Country of Birth Canada
Nationality Canada Lebanon
Birthday April 19, 1999 (age 23)

How old is Dashy?

age 23

Nationality Canada Lebanon
Birthday April 19, 1999 (age 23)
Residency NA North America