What is Monoflange valve?

A monoflange includes one, two or three needle valves inside a compact, flange-shaped body, allowing a significant reduction in volume, dimensions, weight and potential leakage points.

How does a double block bleed valve work?

Double block and bleed (DBB) is the practice of shutting in a section of pipe on both sides of the valve rather than just one. It means you close the ball valves to block both the upstream and downstream sides of your working area, and then bleed any pressure that remains in the piping and valve.

What is the function of needle valve?

Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, are regulating valves and enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flow and pressure.

Where are double block and bleed valves used?

Double block and bleed valves are most commonly used in the oil and gas industry, but can also be helpful in many other industries. It’s typically used where bleeding the valve cavity is required, where piping needs isolation for maintenance, or for any of these other scenarios: Prevent product contamination.

What is the difference between DIB and DBB?

Simply put: A Double Block and Bleed Valve (DBB) is one that blocks pressure, but also allows the cavity of the valve body to bleed that pressure if necessary. A Double Isolation and Bleed Valve (DIB) uses bidirectional seats to isolate the pressure from each upstream, downstream, and valve cavity.

How do 4 way valves work?

4-way valves are one of the most commonly used pneumatic components for directional control. By providing four distinct flow paths, these valves make it easy to reverse the motion of a cylinder or motor.

Does a needle valve increase pressure?

Robust needle valves can handle pressure of up to 4,000 to 5,000 psi (275 up to 413 bar) at 100°F (38°C). When higher pressures are required, like for high pressure hydraulic applications, high performance valves are available that can handle up to 10000 psi (689 bar) pressure at 100°F (38°C).

When would you use a DBB valve?