What is my Blue Shield group number?

Your member number, also known as your identification number, is listed directly below your name. You’ll need this information when receiving medical services at the doctor or pharmacy, or when calling customer service for assistance. If your group number is available, you’ll find it directly below your member number.

What is RX bin and RxPCN?

The RxBIN, or BIN number, is analogous to the 5-digit zip code and determines the routing destination. The RxPCN, or processor control number, is analogous to the plus 4 part of a zip code, which gives a more precise destination.

What is a bin on insurance card?

The BIN, or bank identification number on your health insurance card, is a six-​digit number that tells the computer database at the pharmacy… Oct (1)

What is the RX number?

Prescription Number (Rx being an abbreviation for prescription). This number identifies YOUR prescription . Numbers are assigned in the order they are filled at the pharmacy. When calling in for a refill, providing this number can make for easy identification by pharmacy staff.

Can I use another member’s ID card for BCBS claims?

TIPS FOR SUCCESS Always use the alpha prefix on the member’s current ID card. If there is no alpha prefix, do not create one or use an alpha prefix from another member’s ID card, even one from the same BCBS Plan. Doing so may cause delays in the handling of your inquiries and claims.

What do the BCBS plan logos on my ID card mean?

When one of these logos is displayed on the front of a member’s ID card, it indicates the coverage type the member has in his/her BCBS Plan service area or region.

How many characters are in a BCBS ID number?

Most BCBS-branded ID cards display a three-character alpha prefixin the first three positions of the member’s ID number. However, there are some exceptions.

How do I Find my Local BCBS company by ID number?

Enter the first three characters of the Identification Number from your member ID card. The most accurate way to find your local BCBS company is with the Identification Number from your member ID card. If you don’t have your card, follow these steps to search for your local BCBS company by ZIP code or state: