What is Mystra the goddess of?

the goddess of magic
Mystra is introduced as the Lady of Mysteries, the goddess of magic, a lawful neutral greater goddess from the plane of Nirvana.

How did kelemvor become a god?

The two fought, a dead soul against a god. Cyric’s fear, indecision, and madness became his defeat, and Kelemvor finally managed to overthrow Cyric’s rule in the City. By the wish of all dead spirits and Denizens in the Gray Wastes, in 1368 DR Kelemvor became the new God of Death.

Is Bane a god?

Anticipating the possibility of his own death Bane, the god of tyranny had, like his companion Bhaal, created a scion for the purpose of his own regeneration.

What does Mystra look like?

Others described her appearing in a form resembling a multicolored will-o’-wisp. When Mystra revealed herself to Midnight just before the gods were forced to walk the land of Toril, she was at first just a dark figure surrounded by an aura of blue-white light.

Where is Kelemvor Worshipped?

There were two major centers of worship devoted to Kelemvor: the Tower of Skulls in Ormath and a huge monastery in Ormpetarr constructed in 1479 DR. Other temples were: Skullspire, located in Tulmon. The Darkness Passing, located in Calimport.

What is Bane’s religion?

The Church of Bane was the organization dedicated to worshiping, as well as furthering the influence of the deity, Bane. generally speaking, they were a cruel and power-hungry group of individuals who worshiped their deity under a strict hierarchy.

How did Cyric murder Mystra?

Most scholars believe that the Spellplague was the direct result of the murder of the goddess Mystra at the hands of Cyric, which Shar engineered. This popular theory holds that magic was bound so long in Mystra’s Weave that, when the goddess died, it spontaneously and ruinously burst its bonds.

What does Mielikki mean in DND?

Mielikki (my- lee -kee or / maɪ’li.ki /) is a fictional goddess in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. Mielikki is the goddess of autumn, druids, dryads, forests, forest creatures, and rangers. Her symbol is a gold-horned, blue-eyed, unicorn’s head facing left, and her Third Edition D&D domains are Animal, Good, Plant and Travel.

What are the clergy of Mielikki?

The clergy of Mielikki include clerics, druids, rangers, and druid/rangers. They may be lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, or true neutral. Generally, druids of Mielikki take on the abilities of rangers.

Is Mielikki good or bad?

Mielikki is friendly with Shaundakul and Lathander and opposes evil-aligned deities, particularly Malar, Talos, and Talona . Intelligent beings can live in harmony with the wild without requiring the destruction of one in the name of the other.

Is Mielikki the daughter of Silvanus?

Mielikki was not the daughter of Silvanus, although her followers sometimes referred to her with the honorific “Daughter to Silvanus”. She considered Silvanus a father figure, and thought of Eldath like a sister.