What is peritoneal ligaments composed of?

The peritoneum is the serous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. It is composed of mesothelial cells that are supported by a thin layer of fibrous tissue and is embryologically derived from the mesoderm.

What is inside the falciform ligament?

It contains between its layers a small but variable amount of fat and its free edge contains the obliterated umbilical vein (ligamentum teres) and if present, the falciform artery, and paraumbilical veins.

What is the greater omentum composed of?

The greater omentum is a thin double peritoneal mesothelial sheet composed of connective tissue and streaks of fat that surround fine arteries and a rich lymphatic network.

What 3 ligaments compose the greater omentum?


  • Gastrophrenic ligament—extends to the underside of the left dome of the diaphragm.
  • Gastrocolic ligament—extends to the transverse colon (occasionally on its own considered synonymous with “greater omentum”)
  • Gastrosplenic ligament (or Gastrolienal) ligament)— extends to the spleen, overlying the kidney.

What is the Lienorenal ligament?

Splenorenal ligament, also known as the lienorenal ligament is a peritoneal ligament. It represents the dorsal most part of dorsal mesentery and forms part of the lateral border of the lesser sac. It is continuous with the gastrosplenic and phrenicocolic ligaments 1.

Is the falciform ligament the same as ligamentum teres?

The round ligament of the liver (or ligamentum teres, or ligamentum teres hepatis) is a ligament that forms part of the free edge of the falciform ligament of the liver. It connects the liver to the umbilicus. It is the remnant of the left umbilical vein….

Round ligament of liver
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Which ligament contains the portal triad?

hepatoduodenal ligament
The hepatoduodenal ligament runs from the porta hepatis to the proximal 2 cm of the duodenum. The hepatic artery proper, common bile duct, and portal vein run through the ligament near its free edge to reach the liver. These three structures are often referred to as the portal triad.

Where is the Lienorenal ligament?

What lies in gastrosplenic ligament?

The gastrosplenic ligament is made of visceral peritoneum. It connects the greater curvature of stomach with the hilum of the spleen. It contains the short gastric arteries, short gastric veins, the left gastroepiploic artery, and the left gastroepiploic vein.

How many ligaments are in the peritoneum?

The peritoneal ligaments of the stomach include two main groups: Ligaments attached to the lesser curvature which include the lesser omentum with gastrohepatic and hepatoduodenal ligaments (HDLs) and ligaments attached to the greater curvature which include gastrophrenic, gastrosplenic ligaments and the greater omentum …

What is a lienorenal ligament?

Medical Definition of lienorenal ligament. : a mesenteric fold passing from the spleen to the left kidney and affording support to the splenic artery and vein.

Is the splenorenal ligament continuous with gastrosplenic ligament?

It is continuous with the gastrosplenic and phrenicocolic ligaments 1. The splenorenal ligament is formed from an anterior and posterior peritoneal layer 2. continues as the posterior wall of the lesser sac overlying the anterior surface of left kidney.

Where are the lateral fornix ligaments located?

They are situated along the inferior border of the broad ligament and house the uterine artery and uterine veins. These ligaments arise from the side of the cervix and the lateral fornix of the vagina. They provide an extensive attachment on the lateral pelvic wall at the level of the ischial spines.

What organs are attached to the broad ligament?

The broad ligament is related to many structures within the female pelvis. It is attached to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. These organs are supplied by the ovarian and uterine arteries, which are also contained within the broad ligament.