What is permanent NYC civil service status?

Permanent Civil Service Status City employees who have been appointed from a Civil Service exam and passed the mandated probationary period. Persons with permanent Civil Service Status may take promotion Civil Service exams if they qualify.

What does civil service rank mean?

What does my ranking mean? Candidates who take and pass a civil service exam are placed on an eligible list, which is ranked by test score. Those that score the highest will be at the top of the list and will be the first candidates considered for any available positions.

What is Texas civil service?

The Civil Service Office administers processes regarding the initial selection, advancement, and conditions of employment in accordance with Chapter 143 of the Texas Local Government Code, Civil Service Commission Rules, and agreements with employee associations (labor associations).

Who is a permanent civil servant?

A permanent secretary is the most senior civil servant in a department. Each supports the government minister at the head of the department, who is accountable to Parliament for the department’s actions and performance. The permanent secretary is the accounting officer for their department, reporting to Parliament.

What are some examples of civil service?

Law enforcement, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service; United States Postal Office mail handlers; the Internal Revenue Service; certain secretarial and clerical jobs; fire departments; bureau of motor vehicles; and health and human resources are all examples of civil service jobs.

What is a good score on a civil service exam?

Typically, a score of 70% or above is good enough to pass. Your score places you on a ranking list, comparing you to others who have taken the exam. The better you do, the higher your rank, which can put you ahead of other applicants interested in civil service jobs.

What should I do after civil service?

Leaving the civil service? Seven career changes for civil servants

  1. HR and recruitment in higher education.
  2. Anti-money laundering expert in the financial sector.
  3. Chief executive of a corporate enterprise.
  4. Working for a trade association.
  5. Fundraising for a charity.
  6. An executive role in procurement.

What does DCAS stand for in NYC?

The NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) makes city government work for all New Yorkers.

What is on the civil service exam Texas?

The test covers four areas: (1) math skills, (2) reading comprehension skills, (3) spelling and vocabulary skills, and (4) ability to understand logical sequences. Upon arrival to take the written test, applicants will need to allot up to three (3) hours of time for the examination.

What is title 551 5513 of the US Code?

§ 551.513 Entitlement to other forms of pay. Overtime pay under this subpart shall be paid in addition to all pay, other than overtime pay, to which the employee is entitled under title 5, United States Code, or any other authority.

What does § 551 211 mean?

§ 551.211 Effect of performing different work or duties for a temporary period of time on FLSA exemption status. ( a) Applicability. Performing different work or duties for a temporary period of time may affect an employee’s exemption status.

What does § 551 216 of the FLSA cover?

§ 551.216 Law enforcement activities and 7 (k) coverage for FLSA pay and exemption determinations.

What does workday mean in HR 551?

§ 551.411 Workday. ( a) For the purposes of this part, workday means the period between the commencement of the principal activities that an employee is engaged to perform on a given day, and the cessation of the principal activities for that day. All time spent by an employee in the performance of such activities is hours of work.