What is Photo Voice method?

Photovoice is an established method developed initially by health promotion researchers (Wang and Burris, 1997). By utilising photographs taken and selected by participants, respondents can reflect upon and explore the reasons, emotions and experiences that have guided their chosen images.

How can photovoice be used as an assessment?

When you need to document the process of or gather data for an evaluation of an intervention or program. Photovoice participants can picture results, record interviews, demonstrate their own opinions about the intervention, etc.

What is Photo Voice presentation?

Photovoice is a type of participatory action research in which people – usually those with little power – use photographs and/or video to picture their environment and experiences and to express their thoughts about them.

What is the difference between Photovoice and photo elicitation?

The definition of photo-elicitation is the insertion of a photograph by the researcher into a research interview to evoke information, feelings, and memories due to the photograph’s particular form of representation; photo-voice is defined as a technique that enables people to record their own photographs.

Who can benefit from photovoice research?

Context in source publication We shall discuss the benefits received by three types of participants: those vested with more power, such as university researchers and policy-makers; those with the least power, the rural women; and participants in general (Figure 2). …

What are CBPR principles?

Table 1

Principles/Characteristics of CBPR Horowitz, et al. (2009)
1. Unit of identity x
2. Builds on resources within the community x
3. Equitable collaboration x
4. Mutual trust between partners x