What is Rp in ASR router?

Route Processor (RP) The ASR 1000 route processor is the component of the router that runs the IOS, manages the system, and performs all control plane functions (such as setting up VPN tunnels, initiating SIP sessions, and running the routing protocols).

What is a Cisco PEM?

PEM : Power entry module.

What is service router?

Service Routing is a method to use the router control plane to provide services to applications. In a typical implementation, an application uses an Extensible Messaging Client Protocol (XMCP) client to pass messages to and from the local gateway router.

What is RP and ESP?

Route Processor (RP) is the brains of the asr1k responsible for control plane functions. RP is responsible for building and distributing forwarding information to the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Embedded Services Processor (ESP).

What is PEM Juniper?

Display Power Entry Module (PEM) environmental status information. Note: The new high-capacity (4100W) enhanced DC PEM on MX960 routers includes a new design that can condition the input voltage. This results in the output voltage differing from the input voltage.

What is an IP enabled router?

The IP Routing protocols enable routers to build up a forwarding table that correlates final destinations with next hop addresses. These protocols include: BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) IS-IS (Intermediate System – Intermediate System)

What is the Cisco ASR 1002 router?

The Cisco ASR 1002 Router is part of the Cisco aggregation services family of routers. The Cisco ASR 1002 Router offers a compact form factor router that satisfies customer demands such as low power consumption and decreased usage of rack space. The Cisco ASR 1002 Router supports three half-height SPAs and an optional built-in 4xGE SPA.

How do I install the AC power cable on my ASR 1002?

Cisco ASR 1002 Router AC Power Supply Labels Insert the AC power cable into the power supply AC inlet. To ensure that the AC power cord does not interfere with other cables or wires, dress the AC power cable in one of the following ways.

How do I connect the asr1000-rp1 to the chassis?

Each Cisco ASR 1000 Series Route Processor 1 must have a console port connection (typically to a terminal server) if you are running a redundant configuration in the chassis. Connect one end of the RJ-45 cables to the serial RJ-45 port (CON) on the Cisco embedded ASR1000-RP1 (see the folliwng image).