What is the best lighting for jewelry displays?

Fluorescent Lighting – Fluorescent lighting produces a warm light that can help enhance the visibility of your jewelry. It works best in the back of display cases since it provides just enough light for your jewelry. Plus, it keeps the case at an optimal color temperature of about 3500k.

How do you light up a showcase?

You just need one small hole through the back of the cabinet. A single light installed to the underside of the cabinet top might be enough if the cabinet has glass shelves. You can also mount lights vertically inside the two front side corners on any shelf or display area to eliminate shadows.

What light makes diamonds sparkle?

Fluorescent lights are better for diamond brilliance (white light). You’ll see better fire under a direct light source as well, such as sunlight or halogen spotlights. When outdoors, direct sunlight will show off the diamond’s fire properties.

Are LED lights Electric?

In general, LED Lights use less electricity and last longer than incandescent or CFL bulbs. This EarthEasy chart breaks down the electricity usage and cost savings of LEDs, and shows thousands of dollars of savings over 25,000 hours when you switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.

What light makes a diamond sparkle?

Brilliance refers to a diamond’s ability to reflect white light. The more white light a diamond can reflect off its table to your eyes, the more brilliant it is. This is the factor that makes a diamond sparkle and look particularly impressive and beautiful. Fire refers to a diamond’s ability to disperse colored light.

How do Jewelers make diamonds sparkle?

A simple plan to keep your diamond jewelry looking beautiful is to soak it in a gentle degreasing solution, such as water with a few drops of mild dish soap, once or twice a week. After you remove the diamond from the cleaning solution, use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt.

What is the best light to look at a diamond?

white light
When looking at a diamond’s fire, always ask to see the stone in a white light, rather than in a colored light.

How do real diamonds sparkle?

Real diamonds sparkle rainbow colors when their light is deflected to other surfaces. In other words, colors shoot from the diamond when the direct light hits the stone. This flash of colors from a diamond is called “fire.” Of course, brilliant multicolor sparks are appealing to most jewelry lovers.

What is included in each interior showcase light package?

Each interior showcase light comes complete with (1) LED strip light, (2) 1″ suction cup mountings for temporary use like at a trade show, (2) standard metal clips for screw in permanent attachment, (1) 2A – 12V power supply and (1) 8ft extension cord.

What kind of lighting do you use for jewelry displays?

Perfect quick setup, portable, low heat, bright LED lighting for jewelry display cases and Arizona Case in case lighting. Get TWICE the brightness with our in case showcase lights because we use TWO light strips. TO REVIEW THE SETUP INSTRUCTIONS AND THE DIAGRAM FOR THE PRODUCT PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK.

What is the warranty on show off LED interior lighting?

COMES WITH TWO WAYS TO MOUNT THIS LED INTERIOR SHOWCASE LIGHTING. Show Off Lighting is guaranteed for a (2) year warranty against manufacturing defects. If there is a defect we will fix it at no charge. Simply return the light to our Denver, North Carolina facility.