What is the best treatment for MELAS?

There is no cure for MELAS. Treatment for the condition varies and focuses on managing the symptoms of the condition. Anticonvulsant medications are often used to prevent seizures that can occur with MELAS. For patients who have experienced hearing loss, cochlear implants may be used to restore some hearing ability.

What are mitochondrial therapies?

Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT), sometimes called mitochondrial donation, is the replacement of mitochondria in one or more cells to prevent or ameliorate disease.

Can MELAS cause seizures?

Epilepsy is very common in MELAS patients, and it is reported that 71–96% of MELAS patients experience seizures (4).

What does MELAS syndrome do to your body?

Most people with MELAS have a buildup of lactic acid in their bodies, a condition called lactic acidosis. Increased acidity in the blood can lead to vomiting, abdominal pain, extreme tiredness (fatigue), muscle weakness, and difficulty breathing.

Is mitochondrial myopathy curable?

There are no cures for mitochondrial diseases, but treatment can help reduce symptoms or slow the decline in health. Treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on the specific mitochondrial disease diagnosed and its severity.

What drugs boost mitochondrial function?

The drug, elamipretide, also called SS-31, has shown promise for treating rare inherited diseases that affect the mitochondria, the energy-producing “powerhouses” of our cells. SS-31 also has been shown to improve the function of mitochondria from aged tissues.

Is mitochondrial replacement therapy safe?

In 2016, the U.S. Institute of Medicine concluded that mitochondrial replacement techniques could be safe, effective, and ethical, and recommended that they be tested under carefully controlled settings.

What causes stroke in MELAS?

The distinguishing feature in MELAS syndrome is the recurrence of stroke-like episodes. It is currently thought that the deficiency of a compound called nitric oxide in the small blood vessels of the brain may be responsible for the stroke-like episodes.

What is the best treatment for stroke-like episodes in Melas?

Arginine therapy. Recommendations for the management of stroke-like episodes in MELAS with arginine have been published.

What is anticoagulation therapy for PE?

Anticoagulation therapy is the primary treatment option for most patients with acute PE.

What are the treatment options for massive and submassive pulmonary embolism (PE)?

Akin H, Al-Jobouri M, Assi Z, Acino R, Sepanski D, Comerota AJ. Catheter-directed thrombolytic intervention is effective for patients with massive and submassive pulmonary embolism. Ann Vasc Surg 2014;28:1589-94.

Can citrulline supplementation be used as a therapeutic modality in Melas?

Therefore, in addition to arginine, administration of citrulline has the potential for therapeutic use in MELAS. Controlled studies that assessed the effects of citrulline supplementation on clinical aspects of MELAS are needed to support its use as a therapeutic modality.