What is the Broadway font called?

Broadway (1928, Morris Fuller Benton, ATF), capitals only. Broadway Engraved (1928, Sol Hess, Monotype). Broadway (with lowercase) (1929, Hess, Monotype)….Broadway (typeface)

Category Sans Serif
Classification Display
Designer(s) Morris Fuller Benton
Commissioned by American Type Founders
Foundry American Type Founders

What font is the Playbill logo?

Overview Playbill font was designed by Robert Harling in 1938 and the font first appeared with the foundry Stephenson Blake. The figures are based on those of the so-called woodtypes, a style made popular through use on wanted posters in westerns. Adrian Frutiger’s Westside is a similar font.

Is Broadway a free font?

Broadway Font free Download Broadway is free to download on your devices with a single click. You can get the paid and free version of this fun and amazing typeface without obligations.

Is Broadway font free for commercial use?

Licensed for Personal & Commercial Use. Learn More. LTC Broadway, the iconic Art Deco face, was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1927.

What font is similar to Trajan Pro?

Merova. Merova is a classical font that blends Roman styling with Belle Epoque proportions. With a tall x-height, the font offers a more condensed alternative to Trajan Pro, and includes five weights for versatile use across editorial, book, and magazine design.

Can I use the Hamilton logo?

The only legitimate goods are made by Creative Goods Merchandise, which has an exclusive sub-license to incorporate the Hamilton logo and trademark. The wildly popular musical is sold out through mid-2017 and demand for tickets has driven the prices sky-high since its release.

What font is used inside Playbills?

The two typefaces that are recommended for the playbill are Tahoma or Verdana. Use either of these typefaces for all playbill header and body text.

Can I use the Playbill logo?

Playbill does not allow you to use the Playbill logo if you’re not using the PLAYBILLder site to create your program.