What is the definition of democracy by Seeley?

Seeley says, “Democracy is a government in which everybody has a share”. (6) According to Dicey, “Democracy is a form of government in which the governing body is a comparatively large fraction of the entire nation”.

Who said Democracy is a government in which everybody has a share?

“Democracy is a government in which everyone has a share” was the opinion of Abraham Lincoln. According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy gave people the right to make use of their thinking according to their capacity.

Who has written the book modern Democracy?

James BryceModern Democracies / Author

What is the best definition of democracy?

What is democracy? Democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertakings of a state or other polity are directly or indirectly decided by the “people,” a group historically constituted by only a minority of the population (e.g., all free adult males in ancient Athens or all sufficiently propertied adult

What is the quality of democracy?

This dimension of democratic quality can at the local, nationa l and, for European citizens, supra-national levels. regarding the activity of the central government. control the behaviour of those in power. In contrast to vertical accountability, the actors are, for the most part, political equals.

What are the features of good democracy?

particularly critical features in the analysi s of ‘good democra cy’. These . level, guara nteeing the rights and equality of citizens. . The absence of areas dominated by organized crime. . branches. . responsibility in the event of err or. . freedoms guaranteed by law. . can obta in represe ntation. . administrative lawsuits. .

What is direct democracy?

Some people assert that a country calling itself a democracy must be engaged in direct (or pure) democracy, in which the people of a state or region vote directly for policies, rather than elect representatives who make choices on their behalf.