What is the diameter of an AK-47 barrel?

Barrel length Overall length: 415 mm (16.3 in) Rifled bore length: 369 mm (14.5 in)
Cartridge 7.62×39mm
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire Cyclic rate of fire: 600 rds/min Combat rate of fire: Semi-auto 40 rds/min Bursts 100 rds/min

What is a Yugo style AK?

The O-Pap M70 is a Yugo-inspired AK produced in the Zastava Arms Factory, well-known for manufacturing some of the best firearms in the world. This model comes with a non-chrome lined barrel for better accuracy, and the barrel is slightly longer than 16-inches in length.

Is the Yugo AK good?

So a few weeks ago I picked up a gently used Yugoslavian Zastava AK-47 at a gun show for 375 bucks. Its been pretty good so far, seems to be relatively accurate, easy to maintain and clean, and has been 99.9% reliable (literally ONE FTF in 1k rounds).

What diameter is AK bullet?

7.62mm diameter
The AK-47 fires 7.62mm diameter bullets using a 39mm long cartridge, usually referred to as 7.62 x 39mm rounds. These are significantly less powerful than the 7.62mm NATO bullets which are fired using a larger, 51mm long, cartridge, usually referred to as 7.62 x 51mm rounds.

Why is AK-47 named 47?

AK-47, also called Kalashnikov Model 1947, Soviet assault rifle, possibly the most widely used shoulder weapon in the world. The initials AK represent Avtomat Kalashnikova, Russian for “automatic Kalashnikov,” for its designer, Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, who designed the accepted version of the weapon in 1947.

Is Zastava Serbian or Yugoslavian?

Zastava Arms (Serbian: Застава oружје, romanized: Zastava oružje) is a Serbian manufacturer of firearms and artillery, based in Kragujevac, Serbia. It was founded in 1853 when it cast its first cannon….Zastava Arms.

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Native name Застава oружје Zastava oružje
Website www.zastava-arms.rs/en