What is the fastest way to get money in hotel tycoon?

Watch an ad to get free cash from the Very Important Patron (VIP). This will help you get started and really set you on the path to success. Watch multiple ads to charge your VIP Campaign. The VIP Campaign will double all your earnings, which is extremely useful at all times.

Can you transfer money hotel empire tycoon?

Each hotel has its own economy. Money won’t be transferred between hotels.

How do you get 5 star hotels in empire tycoon?

If you don’t achieve the five-star rating at your hotel, double-check ALL your services and rooms objects, such as parking features (security cameras in Blue Crystal Resort), restaurant decorations (especially at Stanley Resort, because you need to scroll down), hire all the employees available, etc.

How do you unlock special managers in hotel tycoon?

Event Hotel will show up during short periods of time. You could check their countdown in the widget on the left side of the playing screen. You will get special managers for your permanent hotels (also for the upcoming ones) depending on your result.

How do you pay your employees in hotel empire tycoon?

If you don’t have enough money to pay them after their working shift, they will resign. Your employees will be paid with your in-game money after finishing their shifts.

How do you win at a hotel game?

HOW TO WIN. Win the Hotels board game by becoming a rich hotel tycoon! Build hotels, welcome guests and hope they stay so long that they go broke paying their bills. The last player with money wins the game.

How do you get special managers in hotel tycoon?

How do you get more money in hotel empire tycoon?

Reinvest Your Earnings As Soon As You Can As you hop from one room or one area of your hotel to the next, be sure to browse through available furniture and amenities that you can purchase to make your clients happier and also boost income even by just a little every once in a while.