What is the most prestigious private school in Australia?

Victoria’s Geelong Grammar has been revealed as Australia’s most expensive school with parents having to fork out up to $43,660 a year in standard school fees. A new report from education finance company Edstart has also found Victoria has the highest average school costs in the nation followed by the ACT and NSW.

Is Cranbrook going co-ed?

Cranbrook’s headmaster Nicholas Sampson has been proselytising the admission of girls since arriving from England’s prestigious co-educational school Marlborough College in 2012. In April 2021, Sampson put a formal proposal to the school council for an imminent intake of female students to year 11.

What is the wealthiest school in Australia?

As the richest school in Australia, Melbourne Grammar School offers a variety of facilities – it has a unique art gallery with innovative art, a computer center, and a library with 45,000 books.

What are the top 10 schools in Melbourne?

The Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne:

  1. Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne.
  2. Haileybury College.
  3. St Andrews Christian College.
  4. Huntingtower School.
  5. Beverley Hills Primary School.
  6. Serpell Primary School.
  7. Oakleigh South Primary School.
  8. Camberwell Grammar School.

Is Melbourne Grammar school expensive?

Melbourne Grammar School fees are levied four times per year for Prep to Year 11 and three times per year for Year 12….Local Student Tuition & Boarding Fee Schedule.

Tuition Fees per term Fees per annum
Year 10 $10,090 $40,360
Year 9 $9,315 $37,260
Years 7 – 8 $8,740 $34,960
Prep – Year 6 $7,470 $29,880

When did Scots College become co ed?

Scots College is the largest private secondary school in the country. Established in 1916, it moved to co-ed schooling in 2020. Year 11 student Charlie Dundon said the boys had “chilled out” a lot about girls since they started coming to the school.

Are private schools worth it in Australia?

Some Australian research has shown students who attend private schools are more likely to complete school and attend university, and tend to attain higher rankings in university entrance exams.

What are the best private schools in Melbourne?

Shelford Girls’ Grammar Private School Melbourne.

  • Firbank Grammar Private School Melbourne.
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College Private School Melbourne.
  • Ruyton Girls’ Private School Melbourne.
  • Camberwell Grammar Private School Melbourne.
  • Haileybury Private School Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Grammar Private School.