What is the nicest beach in Virginia Beach?

15 Best Beaches Near to Virginia Beach, Virginia for 2022

  • Sandbridge Beach.
  • Chic’s Beach.
  • North End Beach.
  • First Landing State Park.
  • Little Island Park.
  • Croatan Beach.
  • Willoughby Beach.
  • False Cape State Park.

Where is Matthews beach VA?

Tucked away between the Northern Neck and Virginia Peninsula, Mathews’ beaches have been carved from the influence of tidal changes, hurricanes, wildlife preservation areas, and erosion.

What towns are in Mathews County Virginia?

MathewsMathews County / CitiesMathews is a census-designated place in and the county seat of Mathews County, Virginia, United States. Established around 1700, the small town of Westville was designated as the county seat in 1791. Today, it is variously known as Mathews Court House, as well as simply “Mathews,” its official postal name. Wikipedia

Where do locals go to the beach in Virginia Beach?

Local Tip: To view some prime surfing, head to Croatan Beach, just south of the main resort beach. Croatan is a hidden gem that is a popular local beach and surf spot.

What part of Virginia Beach is best?

Oceanfront, the best area to stay in Virginia Beach For those looking for numerous free activities and attractions, Oceanfront is the ideal place to stay. You can enjoy street performances, live music, and countless outdoor cafes while strolling, jogging, or rollerblading along the 28 feet (8,5 m) wide strip.

Where is Gwynn’s Island?

Gwynn’s Island is an island located in the Chesapeake Bay off of VA’s Middle Peninsula on the northeast side of Mathews County. It is connected by a bridge over Milford Haven. Archaeological evidence shows that the island was inhabited as early as ten thousand years ago.

What body of water is Mathews Virginia on?

the Chesapeake Bay
Mathews County is perhaps best known for its miles of waterfront sites, as well as its prominent location on the Chesapeake Bay. Surrounded almost completely by water, it is bordered by Middlesex County to the north, separated by the Piankatank River and Gloucester County to the west.

What is Mathews VA close to?

Poquoson, VA. Williamsburg, VA. Newport News, VA.

Where do locals hang out in Virginia Beach?

11 Places Virginia Beach Locals Don’t Want You To Know About

  • Commune. Commune.
  • Vibe District murals. Via ViBe Creative District.
  • Esoteric. Zoe Grant Photography / Via Esoteric.
  • False Cape State Park. Via Visit Virginia Beach.
  • American Brew. American Brew.
  • Zeiders American Dream Theater.
  • Blue Pete’s.
  • The Creative Wedge.

What is there to do in Virginia Beach locals?

Some of Our Favorite Spots

  • New Earth Farm.
  • Cullipher Farm Market.
  • Henley Farm.
  • First Landing State Park.
  • False Cape State Park.
  • Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
  • The Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Chesapeake Bay.