What is the price of diesel in France today?

European Fuel Prices

Country Gasoline (Euro 95) Diesel
France 1.911 1.962
Germany 2.065 2.083
Greece 2.201 1.937

Is diesel cheaper in France or UK?

Diesel does however remain cheaper in France than in the UK, where a litre costs £1.37, or €1.61, so for Brits travelling through France it is still worth filling up the tank.

What is the price of diesel in the UK?

Regional Fuel Prices

County Diesel PPL Premium Diesel PPL
Average 183.12 200.53
UK 176.81 193.66
Scotland 176.38 193.16
Wales 175.56 192.16

What’s the price of fuel in France?

Including all taxes, the price of super unleaded 95 petrol reached 1.8 euros per liter, up 0.01 euros week-over-week.

Is diesel available in France?

France – Travel & Leisure Diesel fuel is called diesel (pronounced ‘dee-ezel’) or gazole or gasoil (both pronounced ‘gazwal’) and is available at all service stations. To help prevent errors, petrol pumps and pipes are colour coded green for unleaded, red for 4-star and black for diesel.

Where is diesel cheaper in Europe?

According to the study, the cheapest places to fill up with diesel in Europe are Lithuania (£0.74), Poland (£0.77) and Luxembourg (£0.78).

Why is diesel so expensive in the UK?

UK refineries have long struggled to meet demand for diesel, forcing the UK to rely on overseas imports. This drives up costs, as do additives used in cold weather. One the UK’s key importers is Russia who supply around 15-20% of UK diesel.

How can I buy diesel in France?

Most cars in France are diesel, so it’s ubiquitous. Pump yourself is the usual way, though there are some stations in the coutry where attendants will pump for you. If the station is manned, pay at the cashier’s. If it’s not manned, you’ll need a chip and pin card.

What diesel should I use in France?

Gazole and Diesel are synonyms. They both mean diesel fuel, as opposed to essence or super (short for supercarburant, nobody uses the long form) which means usual car gasoline. You must use the type of fuel that’s appropriate for your car, either gazole or super.