What is the Rappaport list?

The Rapaport price list is the primary source of diamond price information for the diamond trade and is commonly used by dealers as an approximate guideline for evaluating diamond prices. It is published online every midnight Thursday.

What is repo rate in diamond?

The Rapaport is issued every Friday and is used as a base to establish the price of diamonds that are sold individually. The price does not necessarily change from one Friday to the next. Unlike white diamonds, coloured diamonds (Fancy colour) such as red, blue and yellow, are not assessed by the Rapaport Report.

How diamond rate is calculated?

Total Diamond Price = Price per Carat x Carat Weight.

How much does a 0.1 carat diamond cost?

Being extremely small, the price for a 0.1-carat diamond is around $70.

Who owns Rapaport?

Martin Rapaport
Martin Rapaport is chairman of the Rapaport Group, founder of the Rapaport Diamond Report and the RapNet online diamond trading network.

How does the Rapaport work?

The Rapaport lists diamonds based on three main factors, carat weight, clarity, and color. Diamonds are first separated into grid tables based on carat weight. In these grid tables, Color Grades are listed from D to M in rows, and columns list each Clarity Grade.

What is 0.03 carat diamond worth?

Originated from the mines in Africa Very Good Cut GH color SI2 clarity Round Diamond in size: 1.9 mm (0.03 ct.)…

Market Retail Price: $26.00
Alpha Price: $13.00
Your Savings: $13.00 (50% )

Where are serial numbers on diamonds?

Diamonds graded by the GIA have serial numbers to prove their authenticity. The serial number on the diamond corresponds with the number on the certificate, so you know it’s a match. The number is engraved on the girdle of the diamond, which is the area of the stone that separates the top from the bottom.

How to compare the Rapaport price list to the best diamond listings?

View Round, Pear, RapNet, Parcel and Rupee prices in an innovative format which allows you to compare the Rapaport Price List in real time to the average and best prices of diamond listings on RapNet, the Rapaport Diamond Trading Network. Download the industry standard Rapaport Price Data directly into your inventory programs.

How can I get more information about Rapaport trading services?

For information about Rapaport Trading Services please email [email protected] Rapaport Laboratories provides a broad range of quality control services. Parcel services sort, select, synthetic test and control the quality of parcels in all sizes from 0.01 ct. melee to one caraters.

What is the Rapaport research report?

The Rapaport Research Report provides in-depth research and detailed analysis for professionals who require a high-level understanding of the global diamond and jewelry industry. Published monthly the report covers the entire diamond pipeline from mining to the latest consumer trends.

What is Rapaport doing now?

Today, the Rapaport Group continues to help build a more ethical, transparent,competitive and efficient diamond and jewelry markets, and employs over 220 team members in offices in New York, Las Vegas, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, Dubai, Mumbai, Surat and Hong Kong serving over 20,000 clients in 120 countries. click here. [email protected]