What is the standard Toploader size?

3” x 4”
Standard Size – 3” x 4” (7.62 cm x 10.16cm) – the most common sports card size.

What is a top loader card sleeve?

A toploader is a plastic trading card holder used for protection and organization. Different than a penny sleeve – which is softer and more bendable – a toploader is rigid, and thus provides a more secure storage option.

Does Hobby Lobby sell baseball card sleeves?

Give baseball or trading card the ultimate protection with archival safe and acid free Card Sleeves. These crystal clear sleeves are designed to hold a standard sized baseball card and is resistant to yellowing and cracks. Keep your collection pristine!

Is there a top loader shortage?

Toploader Shortage Due to this unpredicted surge in product demand as well as impacted supply chains, many manufacturers of protective toploaders are currently struggling to meet inventory. Hence, there have been shortages seen across the industry at retail hobby shops, card shows, and even here at COMC.

Can top loaders damage cards?

A plain top loader can also scratch the surface of the card, or cause corner damage. The penny sleeve gives just enough protection around the edges and corners to keep everything mint.

Does Michaels sell baseball card sleeves?

We R Memory Keepers® 8.5″ x 11″ Ring Baseball Card Photo Sleeves | Michaels.

Can you put 2 cards in a top loader?

2 cards back to back in a single penny sleeve fit easily. Sometimes you can get 3 in one sleeve to fit. Try and see. Just get the cards started and when they get a bit tight, tap the bottom of the top loader in your palm or on a hard surface and the cards will slide nicely into the top loader.

Why are card savers better than top loaders?

Card savers hold the card more securely. Without tape, there’s a chance that a card in a top loader can be either partially or fully ejected during shipping. Secondly, cards in card savers are easier to remove, especially if the submitter has included the pull tab adhesive on the back of the card.

Are top loaders good for long term storage?

Top loaders are a more suitable long-term storage solution. Without the intention of grading your cards. They are smaller, stronger, and the top loaders’ prices are generally cheaper.