What is the trick to win Ludo?

You win when your all four tokens reach the home triangle. So, it is better to move them simultaneously rather than moving one token only. Try to spread out your tokens all over the board. This would help you form a block or maybe capture other opponent’s tokens giving you a chance to win.

Is there any trick to get 6 in Ludo?

Here’s what you need to do to consistently get a six: Keep your eye on the green ticker that appears on your avatar. As soon as one-quarter of the green ticker has cleared i.e. one-fourth of your time to roll the dice has passed tap on the dice. You will get a six almost always if you tap on the dice at this point.

Is 6 sixes allowed in Ludo?

Anytime a six is rolled, the player gets an extra roll after his move. If a six is rolled three times in a row, the player loses his turn.

Which Ludo is best for chatting?

1) Ludo King This is the most popular Ludo game and has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. One of the best aspects of Ludo King is that it supports cross-platform gameplay. The voice chat feature can be unlocked by watching videos.

Which colour wins most in Ludo King?

There is no fixed rule or colour strategy to win the game. Winning the game is purely based on how well you understand the game and plan your next move and also a little depends on your luck.

Is Ludo a game of skill or luck?

Shinde and Abhay Ahuja that a declaration be made that “Ludo is a game of chance, and not a game of skill”, and therefore, the provisions of the Maharashtra Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887 would apply if the game is played for stakes.

Can you cheat in Ludo?

Ludo king cheat codes for Android users: To buy the coin box 1 use the cheat code: LJDMTJDA28. To buy the coin box 2 use the cheat code: GDTN0MXYU4. To buy the coin box 3 use the cheat code: ZP9S0QXEKN. To play the ludo king without any kind of Ads use cheat code: HS5BBABJJK.

Which Colour is best in Ludo King?

Which country invented Ludo?

It was also known as Chaupar in ancient times. The contemporary version was played by the Mughal emperors of India; a notable example is Akbar. Pachisi was modified to use a cubic die with a die cup and patented as “Ludo” in England in 1896.

How can I talk in Ludo?

Tap on the audio icon or tap on Play with Friends Button on the home screen.

Why is Ludo popular?

Also, ludo itself is quite popular because nearly every Indian has grown up playing it. So, the demand for Ludo King was definitely there. Another reason why we believe Ludo King is popular is because of its simple, colourful graphics. It has an effortless gameplay and easy to follow rules as well.”