What is the use of Dtsi?

DTSi, or Digital Twin Spark Ignition System, is a technology developed and patented by Bajaj Auto Limited. It was first used in their Pulsar and Avenger models. At the time of its introduction to the market, it was considered revolutionary as it both saved fuel and improved engine performance.

What is meaning of DTS Si?

DTS Si stands for ‘Digital Twin Spark-Swirl induction’ system. Some of Bajaj’s bike engines have the patented ‘DTS Si’ (Digital Twin Spark-Swirl induction) technology.

What is digital twin spark ignition?

The Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) is a concept developed specifically for small bore four stroke engines with two valves. Two spark plugs placed diametrically opposite to each other in the combustion chamber fire simultaneously igniting the charge.

What is HLSI engine?

To date, Homogenous Lean Charge Spark Ignition (HLSI) combustion, which lowers emissions of both CO2 and NOx, has been studied. Although HLSI realizes lower emission, it is a major challenge for lean-burn engines to meet SULEV regulations, so we have developed a new aftertreatment system for HLSI engines.

Who invented Dtsi engine?

Bajaj developed the Digital Twin Spark ignition (DTSi) technology. Besides, Bajaj had incorporated it in many of its current engines. As claimed by Bajaj Auto, Digital Twin Spark Ignition uses two spark plugs. They ignite the air-fuel mixture at the same time in the Twin-Spark technology.

Which type of spark plugs are used in Bajaj motorcycles?

Bajaj Genuine – Spark Plug (Setof2) For Pulsar150Dtsi/180Dtsi/Discover135/Xcd125/135/ Avenger180/200.

What is digital ignition system?

The intelligent electronic ignition system is programmed for precise ignition timing at all operating speeds, from idle to full power. It ensures easy starting every time, delivers optimum fuel efficiency and automatically limits the maximum engine revs.

How do dual spark plugs work?

By having two spark plugs per cylinder, your aircraft engine is more reliable, produces more power, and burns fuel more evenly. And when you combine all three, you get an ultra-reliable engine that keeps you aloft until you decide it’s time to land.

Which was the first bike to be rendered with DTS?

Which Was The First Bike To Be Rendered With Dts? 2003 was the year of the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc and 180cc motorcycles coming out with DTS-I technology.

How many spark plugs does a 16 valve twin spark plug have?

16-valve Twin Spark Head. The 16 Valve engine features individual ‘coil over plug’ ignition where the timing of the ignition is controlled directly by the Bosch engine management system, with each coil firing two spark plugs simultaneously.

Why are they called Twin Spark engines?

The Twin Spark name comes from the fact that there are two spark plugs per cylinder. It was cast iron for its higher beam strength, less complexity and hence lower production costs. When new, these engines were notable for their high efficiency as demonstrated by the BMEP (brake mean effective pressures) exerted upon the piston crowns.

What is sparkfund™ platform?

The Sparkfund™ Platform is designed to help accelerate customer conversion rates, increase project sizes, and up-sell existing opportunities. We do so by helping you deliver on increased reliability, peace-of-mind and sustainability to your customers.

What kind of timing does a twin spark have?

Variable valve timing gave the Twin Spark engine very good performance for its cubic capacity, but it is one of the weaker areas of the 16-valve engine. The original variator that controls the cam timing is prone to wear or jam, although replacement part carries a different part number and has improved reliability.