What is there to do in Grabill Indiana?


  • H. Souder & Son’s General Store.
  • Country Shops of Grabill Antique Mall & Year Round Flea Market. 150 different vendors spread over two floors make up this indoor mall.
  • Grabill Hardware.
  • Catalpa Tree Grabill.
  • Katies.
  • Grabill Country Sales.
  • Church Shoppes.
  • Harlan Haus Antiques.

Where are the Amish communities in Indiana?

Indiana Amish Country is in the north-central portion of Indiana. It includes the towns of Elkhart, Shipshewana, Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, Bristol and Wakarusa. Many of the Amish live in nearby communities and the rural countryside of these cities.

What is Grabill Indiana zip code?

46741Grabill / Zip code

How do the Amish make money?

Many are experienced tradesmen and their quality wares are in demand. Many of the Amish who choose not to farm go into skilled trades like furniture building, construction, and metal parts manufacturing, Wesner said. These products are often sold to those outside the Amish community.

What US state has the most Amish?

Table 1: Top 10 Amish-Inhabiting States by Percent of Total Population, 2000

Rank State Number of Adherents
1 Indiana 19,177
2 Ohio 24,613
3 Pennsylvania 25,340
4 Wisconsin 5,872

What do the Amish do for fun?

They enjoy board games, such as Scrabble, Life on the Farm, and Monopoly or card games, like Uno. However, there is never any gambling involved! Sports games are also enjoyed by all ages, but they are not played competitively. Amish do not support the idea of competition and pride, but rather community and teamwork.

What is the zip code for Harlan?

Harlan/Zip codes

Where can I buy Amish goods in Grabill?

Schmucker’s Amish Farm Market – Fresh produce, Amish cheese and butter, bulk foods, flowers, seeds and garden plants. It’s a real farm market! On Doty Road just south of State Road 37 (5 miles from Grabill) Katie’s – Custom Amish furniture, Amish quilts, Amish canned goods, Amish dolls and much more.

What is Grabill Indiana known for?

Grabill, Indiana is located in northeast Allen County and offers a glimpse of an authentic, living Amish community filled with fascinating shops, rural scenes, picturesque farms and horse drawn vehicles. While in Grabill you will want to stop at:

Where are the church shops near Grabill Indiana?

Just a short drive from Grabill the Church shops are located on the St. Joseph river in Leo. If you are on the hunt for antique be sure to stop by Harlan Haus Antiques in Harlan, Indiana.

What is the country shops of Grabill?

The Country Shops of Grabill featuring over 150 antique and flea market vendors in the historic Souder’s Building. Right next door, Common Grounds Coffeehouse serves soups, sandwiches, and delicious desserts (be sure to try one of Leah Rose’s homemade caramel iced cinnamon rolls – only 99 cents!)