What kind of character is the inspector in An Inspector Calls?

The Inspector takes on the role of an ​omniscient​(all-knowing), moral force for good. Priestley presents his character as a spiritual ​avenging angel​. Socialist​values and ideology are channelled through the Inspector. Priestley utilises the Inspector as a ​vehicle to catalyse​change in perceptions of responsibility.

How is the inspector described?

The inspector is an enigmatic character; playing one of the biggest parts in the drama. He is described on his entrance as creating “an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. He is a man in his fifties, dressed in a plain darkish suit…

How would you describe Eva Smith?

This is evident as Eva is referred to as “​pretty​”, “​very pretty​” “​a lively, good-looking girl​” by Gerald and Eric. Her ​physical appearance​, rather than her personality, is what matters to them. Gerald dehumanises Eva, referring to her as “​the girl​”, erasing her individual identity.

How is Gerald described?

Gerald is described as ‘an attractive chap about thirty, rather too manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well-bred young man-about-town’. Mr Birling is very pleased that Gerald is getting engaged to Sheila because his family are upper-class business owners, Mr Birling hopes they can join forces in business.

What does the Inspector represent?

The Inspector, as Priestley’s mouthpiece, is a symbol of Socialism – he wants everyone to look after each other and to view community as very important. He is sent to uncover the family’s wrongdoings and to make them see that they should take responsibility for others.

Is Inspector Goole a God?

Other people think that he is sent from God to give the Birlings a chance to make up for their wrong doing. It can definitely be interpreted that he is a supernatural figure because of his name: Goole. This is generally seen as a homophone for ghoul which is another word for a ghost.

Why is the inspector described as massive?

As the inspector enters, Priestley introduces him as ‘a big man’ who “creates at once an impression of massiveness,solidity, and purposefulness”. This line illustrates to the audience the importance of his role because he creates an impression of dominance.

What does the inspector represent?

What does Daisy Renton Symbolise?

Daisy: symbolises innocence and purity.

How would you describe Inspector Goole?

Inspector Goole is presented as an omnipotent, powerful figure throughout the play; his presence immediately has the power to change the light and cheerful atmosphere of the Birlings’ dinner party. The lighting changes from “pink and intimate” to “brighter and harder” once the inspector arrives.

What does Eric represent?

Priestley’s message By the end, Eric, like his sister, is used by Priestley as a symbol to represent the younger generation and socialism. Eric gives the audience hope that their society can improve if people take responsibility for the impact of their actions.

Why Is the inspector a ghost?

The Inspector was a supernatural being (kind of like the ghosts who visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol) who took it upon himself to show the Birlings the error of their ways and to get justice for Eva.