What language is Vidin?

The Vidin-Lom dialect is a Bulgarian dialect spoken in the regions of Vidin and Lom and partially in the regions of Berkovitsa and Montana in northwestern Bulgaria. The dialect is part of the Northwestern Bulgarian dialects.

Which country is this Lom Bulgaria?

Lom, Bulgaria

Lom Лом
Coordinates: 43°49′32″N 23°14′15″E
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Montana

What country is Vidin in?

Vidin, also spelled Widin, port town, extreme northwestern Bulgaria, on the Danube River. An agricultural and trade centre, Vidin has a fertile hinterland renowned for its wines and is the site of an annual fair. A regular ferry service connects it with Calafat, across the Danube in Romania.

How old is Silistra?

One of the oldest Bulgarian towns, Silistra dates back to the early times of the Roman Empire. The ancient town was established as a Roman fortress about 1800 years ago.

What is the meaning of Vidin?

Vidin is a port town on the southern bank of the Danube in northwestern Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Serbia and Romania, and is also the administrative centre of Vidin Province, as well as of the Metropolitan of Vidin. An agricultural and trade centre, Vidin has a fertile hinterland renowned for its wines.

Is Vidin a city?

Vidin is the 20th town by population in Bulgaria, but serious demographic problems have been experienced in the area during the last two decades. The number of the residents of the city reached its peak between 1988 and 1991 when the population exceeded 65,000.

What country is Silistra in?


Silistra Силистра Silistre Silistra
Coordinates: 44°07′02″N 27°15′38″E
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Silistra

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