What movies are being released in February 2022?

Best Movies Released February 2022

  • The Desperate Hour.
  • Blacklight.
  • Moonfall.
  • Death on the Nile.
  • Uncharted.
  • Dog.
  • Marry Me.

What films are currently on Sky Cinema?

Latest Movies & TV

  • The Northman.
  • Operation Mincemeat.
  • Uncharted.
  • Uncharted (Bonus Edition)
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • The Bad Guys.
  • The Batman (2022)
  • Jackass Forever.

What Sky Movies are on in March 2022?

New movies on Sky Cinema and NOW in March 2022

  • Pil’s Adventures (5 March) Animated tale ‘Pil’s Adventures’ is heading to Sky Cinema. (
  • North Hollywood (13 March)
  • Blacklight (25 March)
  • Somebody Somewhere (1 March)
  • Bloods S2 (16 March)
  • The Flash S8 (22 March)
  • Anyone Can Sing (30 March)

What is coming to Sky?

What’s new on Sky and Now TV’s Entertainment Membership

  • The Staircase – 5 May.
  • The Flight Attendant (Season 2) – 26 May.
  • The Time Traveller’s Wife – 16 May.
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 13 May.
  • Fireheart – 27 May.
  • Dear Evan Hansen – 28 May.
  • Streaming live – Formula 1.
  • Premier League.

What movie comes out on March 4 2022?

The Batman
Friday, March 4 From Warner Bros. Pictures comes The Batman, with director Matt Reeves (the “Planet of the Apes” films) at the helm and with Robert Pattinson (“Tenet,” “The Lighthouse,” “Good Time”) starring as Gotham City’s vigilante detective, Batman, and billionaire Bruce Wayne.

What movies come out February 18th?

Friday, February 18

1. Sonic the Hedge… $71 million
2. Morbius $10 million
3. The Lost City $9 million
4. Ambulance $9 million
5. The Batman $7 million

What films are coming to Sky Store premiere?

Sky Store Premiere

  • The Duke.
  • Dog (2022)
  • Sing 2.
  • Marry Me.
  • Cyrano.
  • Parallel Mothers.
  • Uncharted Sneak Peek.

What’s new on NowTV movies?

Animation. Storks. Charming animated adventure about a world where storks now deliver everything but babies, until an office mishap that is.

  • Drama. 12 Mighty Orphans.
  • Action. A Walk Among the Tombstones.
  • Animation. The Angry Birds Movie.
  • Action. Dead Man Down.
  • Drama. Miss Potter.
  • Drama. Pan’s Labyrinth.
  • Action. S.W.A.T.
  • What films are coming to now TV March 2022?

    New On Now TV: What shows and movies are coming in March 2022?

    • Somebody Somewhere: Season 1 (2022) – March 1st.
    • Joe vs Carole (2022) – March 4th.
    • Old (2021) – March 4th.
    • The World to Come (2020) – March 6th.
    • Mother Teresa: For the Love of God? (
    • The Rising: Season 1 (2022) – March 11th.
    • Fast & Furious 9 (2021) – March 11th.

    What films are on Sky Premiere?

    Sky Cinema Premiere

    Time TV Show
    4:40 pm 12 Mighty Orphans
    7:00 pm Venom: Let There be Carnage
    8:50 pm Moonshot
    10:35 pm Instinct maternel

    What films are on Sky Cinema in February?

    Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth, comedy horror Freaky, the new Purge instalment, the Space Jam reboot and more all stream on Sky Cinema in February.

    How do I watch a movie on my Sky Box?

    Once you have booked the movie online through My Account, you can watch the movie on your Sky box. If your Sky box is connected to the internet you can rent using your Sky remote. Find your chosen movie on one of the Sky Box Office channels (40-43), then follow the on-screen prompts to rent your movie.

    How many times can I watch a pay-per-view movie on Sky?

    Access pay-per-view blockbuster movies via My Account, your Sky remote control or call Sky on 0800 759 778 to rent over the phone. You can watch as many times as you like during the 24-hour blocks from these start times: 7.35pm, 8.05pm, 8.35pm and 9.05pm, or watch when it suits you On Demand.