What rank is ASI?

In the police forces of India, an Assistant of sub-inspector (ASI) is a non-gazetted police officer ranking above a police head constable and below a Sub-inspector. The rank insignia for an ASI is one star, with a red and blue striped ribbon at the outer edge of the shoulder straps.

What is the difference between SI and ASI?

Assistant Sub-Inspector (A.S.I) is below the post of Sub-Inspector (S.I.). Assistant Sub-Inspector (A.S.I) is above the post of constable in the police force. Assistant Sub-Inspector (A.S.I) cannot file charge-sheet in courts. In police stations, A.S.I is in charge of training centres and armouries.

Can Asi become Si?

Giving a boost to the morale of Delhi Police officials, the Delhi Lieutenant Governor (L-G) has amended the promotion policy for Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI). Now, the ASI with six years of service will be eligible for promotion to Sub-Inspector.

Do ASI have guns?

One Glock pistol will be given to the incharge of the PCR van, generally an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) or sub-inspector (SI) level officer, while an MP5 will be given to the gunman. Normally, three to four policemen are posted in a PCR van.

Can Asi become SI?

Can Asi get promotion?

Now, the ASI with six years of service will be eligible for promotion to Sub-Inspector. According to orders issued by L-G on August 7, Assistant Sub-Inspector (Executive) who have a minimum of six years of service in the rank of ASI, shall be eligible for promotion.

What is ASI police job?

They Make Report Of Incidents For Senior Officers. In Police Stations ASI Are Usually In Charge Of Armories And In Training Center’s They Are The Chief Drill Officer. In Armed Police And CRPF/BSF/ITBP/CISF They Are Platoon Second In Charge After The Si And Are Assigned The Staff/Administrative Charge Of The Platoon.

What is the role of an ASI in a police station?

In Police Stations ASI are usually in charge of armouries and in training centres they are the Chief Drill Officer. In Armed Police and CRPF/BSF/ITBP/CISF they are Platoon second in charge after the SI and are assigned the staff/administrative charge of the platoon.

What are the different ranks in the police?

The police personnel’s are divided in two major ranks i.e. junior ranks and senior ranks. The junior ranks include station house officer (SHO), Sub-Inspector (SI), Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), head constable and constable while the senior ranks include Inspector General of Police (IGP),…

What is the rank insignia of the Director General of police?

The rank insignia of the Director General of Police consists of a crossed sword and stick along with the National Emblem as shown in the image above. DGP rank officers wear gorget patches on their collars, which have a dark blue background, and have a leaf-like structure, as you can see in the image above. What is the Salary of DGP?