What regions were part of Alash autonomy?

Alash Autonomy (Kazakh: Алаш Автономиясы; Alaş Avtonomiasy, Kazakh pronunciation: [ɑlɑɕ ɑvtonoməjɑsə]; Russian: Алашская автономия, Alashskaya avtonomiya) was Transcontinental Kazakh autonomy located mainly in Central Asia and partly in Eastern Europe. It was part of Russian Republic and then Soviet Russia.

What is the historical significance of the Alash Party’s activity?

Alash was a political party and liberation movement in the Russian Republic and Socialist Russia, and the ruling party of Alash Autonomy on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan and Russia. They advocated for equal treatment between Kazakhs and Russians and the cessation of Russian settlement on the Kazakh lands.

What was the capital city of Alash autonomy?

Alash Autonomy (Kazakh: Алаш Автономиясы, Alaş Avtonomiiasy; Russian: Алашская автономия, Alashskaya avtonomiya) was a Kazakh state that existed between 1917 and 1920, on approximately the territory of the present-day Republic of Kazakhstan. The capital city was Semey, then known as “Alash-qala” (City of Alash).

What does alash mean?

Alash may be a transliteration from various Turkic languages into English of the following terms: “Alash”, the second name for the Kazakhs and the national motto of the Kazakhs. Alash Autonomy (1917-1920), unrecognized state. Alash Orda, Kazakh government of the Alash Autonomy (1917-1920)

What language Kazakhstan speak?

Kazakhstan/Official languages

What holiday people of our republic have on the 16th of December?

Every year on December 16, our country celebrates one of the main national holiday – the Independence Day of Kazakhstan, which is forever associated with sacred events in the history of the country! This holiday is important to all Kazakhstanis as a memory of those who defended the independence of the country.

Are Kazakhs Chinese?

Kazakhs are a Turkic ethnic group and are among 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the People’s Republic of China.

Is Kazakh like Russian?

Along with the Russian language, the Kazakh language also functions as one of the country’s official languages. The Kazakh language is genetically a northeastern Turkic language. The Kazakh is most similar to Kyrygyz and Tatar (spoken in Russia) and is influenced heavily by both Mongolian and Tatar.