What should I wear to Bihu festival?

The men wear a dhoti paired with a gamocha, both of which are colorfully embroidered. The women wear a Mekhela which is a cylindrical garment that resembles a long skirt along with a Chador which is a drape for the upper body.

What do Bihu dancers wear?

The women who perform Bihu usually don traditional Assamese attire for the performance. They are dressed in Chador and Mekhela; Mekhela happens to be an attire that is cylindrical in shape and is worn on the lower half of the body.

What do women’s wear in Assam?

The Mekhela Chador is the primary traditional attire of Assam for women. This is a two-piece cloth similarly worn as a saree. The upper piece is called Chador and the lower piece is the Mekhela.

What is the traditional outfit of Assam?

Mekhela Chador – The Traditional Dress of Assam This piece is called the Mekhela. The upper part of the dress is the Chador that is also a long piece of cloth whose one end is tucked into the Mekhela, and then the rest is wrapped around the body.

What is the food of Bihu?

Bihu is the harvest festival of Assam which marks the change of seasons. Assamese celebrate this festival by performing their unique dance from Bihu and also enjoy a hearty meal with their loved ones. People usually make dishes from rice, coconuts, jaggery, sesame and milk.

What is Mekhla saree?

Mekhela Chador (also spelled as Mekhela Chadar, Mekhela Sador or Mekhla Chadar), is a type of Saree comprising two pieces of cloth, draped on the top and bottom, which is the traditional attire worn by the women of Assam.

What is Nagaland dress?

Alungstu is also a traditional costume of Nagaland which is worn by the rich men of the place. These costumes depict prosperity and success. The cloth is dyed in yellow colour and also has flowers on it. These dress designs have been made by the people belonging to the tribe only.

How many types of dresses are there in Manipur?

Stressed on its functionality, the traditional Manipuri costumes are simple and easy to wear. A traditional Manipuri costume for women includes a shawl called Innaphi, a Phanek and a wrap around skirt called sarong. A Manipuri man wears a dhoti, a jacket and a white Pagri or turban.