What size is a mini USB port?

around 3 x 7 mm
At its outset, the mini USB was used for a variety of devices including mp3 players, digital cameras, and mobile phones (including Blackberry, Motorola, and HTC devices). Although it wasn’t quite as powerful as the original Type A connector, the mini USB was lauded for its conveniently small size at around 3 x 7 mm.

Are mini USB cables all the same?

They are interchangeable, but you will notice that they are not all same regarding build quality. I have a bunch of mini-USB cables, but only few of them can power a USB hard-drive without a secondary jack. For devices not hungry for power, usually it does not matter.

What voltage is a mini USB?

99.9% of the time, if the charger has a Mini-USB connector then it will have 5 Volts to power/charge any USB device.

What are the different sizes of USB connectors?

Based on the physical design of the connectors and ports, there are three different types of USB cables: USB Type A, USB Type B and USB Type C. Based on the functionality of the USB connectors, there are also two different versions of USB: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

What is a mini USB port?

The small USB socket found on digital cameras, external hard drives, USB hubs and other equipment. Mini USB is much smaller than USB Type A and B but twice as thick as Micro USB (see illustration below). Mini USB and all other USB connectors are expected to be superseded by USB Type C.

Is USB a 12v or 5V?

More Than a Common Plug Type However, the USB standard conveys another advantage that helps explain why USB made its way into our cars: standardized voltage outputs. Since USB connections put out 5v DC power, devices that use this type of adapter are all designed to run on that voltage input.

Are all USB ports 5V?

What is the power output from a computer USB port? Most computer USB ports supply 5V of electricity with a maximum current of 0.5A. This amount of current is standard across the majority of computers and means the overall power output will be 2.5 Watts at best. Later USB designs bring that current up to 0.9A.

What type is Mini USB?

A mini USB connector is a much smaller, five-pin version of a standard USB connector, with two crimped sides that give it a trapezoid shape. (Reach back to your memory of geometry class for that one!) These connectors are also known today as mini-B connectors.

What is the difference between a micro USB connector and a mini USB connector?

Outwardly, the most noticeable difference between a micro USB and a mini USB cable is the overall size. The micro USB is smaller between the two. A mini USB is relatively smaller than a typical USB, however, it is still somewhat larger than the micro USB.

What is the difference between a mini USB and a Micro-USB?

What are the different types of USB connectors?

USB 2.0 A to A Angle Cables

  • USB 2.0 A to B Angle Cables
  • USB 2.0 A to Mini B Angle Cables
  • USB 2.0 A to Micro B Angle Cables
  • How to identify micro vs mini USB?

    All About Mini USB. The grandparent of all USB cable types,the original USB type-A that you always tried to plug in upside down on the first try,hit the

  • Under the Microscope: Micro USB. The micro USB connector is the most common type of USB cable available as of 2018.
  • USB-C vs. Micro USB.
  • Is a mini USB the same as a micro USB?

    While a mini USB is a tad smaller than the standard USB connector, a micro USB is smaller than the mini USB. Although both of them are intended for the similar purposes, they differ in size because of the roles and capabilities that they can perform.

    How to identify USB cable connectors?

    USB Type-B. These cables are not quite as common and versatile as the others on this list.

  • Mini-USB. This was the standard for various devices a while back but was quickly replaced by the micro-USB connector mentioned below.
  • Micro-USB. The micro-USB connector is very small and it let manufacturers produce slimmer devices.
  • USB-C.