What to message your boyfriend when you miss him?


  • I wish you were here right now.
  • I miss you the way a chubby kid on a diet misses cake.
  • Your arms around me felt like home.
  • You don’t even have the slightest idea how much I miss you.
  • One of your hugs would be nice right now.
  • I just want to be where you are.
  • I miss you all the way to the moon and back.

How can I make my boyfriend miss me over text?

10+ Texting Tips to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You (and Remember How Special You Are)

  1. 1 Wait for him to text first sometimes.
  2. 2 Take your time to respond.
  3. 3 Be the first to end the conversation.
  4. 4 Add some mystery to your texts.
  5. 5 Compliment him every now and then.
  6. 6 Talk about things you’re passionate about.

How do you make ur bf miss u badly?

8 Ways to Make Him Miss You

  1. Let him take initiative.
  2. Don’t let him think he has you too soon.
  3. Don’t say ‘yes’ to him every time.
  4. Make him feel like he can’t live without you.
  5. Make the time you spend together amazing so he wants you around more.
  6. Make him miss you by not contacting him.

How to say missing love quotes for your boyfriend?

Missing Love Quotes for Him. Your Boyfriend is away. Consider sending him these Missing Love Quotes for Him. 31. I quietly listen as the wind sings of you, tales of moments long past. 32. The Dawn turns to the day, as stars are dispersed; wherever I lay, I think of you first. The sun has arisen, the sky, a sad blue.

What to text your boyfriend when you miss him?

So what to text your boyfriend when you miss him? Let me give you some text ideas that you can use to text your boyfriend. – I was reading our old messages and smiling like an idiot. I miss you so much. – I just wish you could be here with me right now. – I wish I could just cuddle and talk to you now. – Whenever I hug you I feel like I’m at home.

Do you miss your boyfriend when he/she is away?

When you love someone, you miss Him/Her badly when He/She is away. Nevertheless, you can always let them know how you feel when they are away. Here is the best collection I Miss You Quotes for Him you can send to your Boyfriend to make Him know how you feel.

How do you tell a guy what he is missing in text?

Remind him what you miss and just what he is missing! Use emojis. A message can be poetic with emojis, too, adding a dash of humor and fun to a sweet text. Although you may be miles apart, a text can bring you to the forefront of his mind.