What word did Templeton find at the fair?

Templeton raids the fairgrounds for scraps of food, and then brings Charlotte a piece of newspaper. The word on it is “humble,” and Charlotte determines that it is the perfect word as it means both “not proud” and “near the ground”—both things describe Wilbur.

Why does Templeton need to go to the fair?

For example, rather than go to the fair with the intent to help Wilbur, Templeton goes because he heard there were large amounts of food there. While Wilbur needs both of them to help him, the difference in Templeton’s and Charlotte’s motivations are stark.

How much money did the kids get at the fair in Charlotte’s Web?

So Wilbur wins the Zuckerman’s a special prize: twenty-five bucks and a medal. Okay, twenty-five dollars might not seem like much, but the kids were able to go on rides and buy food all day for just seventy cents. That definitely puts the cash prize in perspective.

How did Templeton help Wilbur fainted?

Templeton Saves the Day He sneaks out from the bottom of the crate, and grabs Wilbur’s tail and gives it a big bite. Wilbur jolts awake!

What word did Templeton bring Charlotte?

Lesson Summary Templeton brings a new word for Charlotte, humble, to write in her web.

Where did Templeton find the word radiant?

Lesson Summary Zuckerman deciding to take the pig to the county fair. In her web, Charlotte used the words ”terrific” and ”radiant” to describe Wilbur. To find just the right words, the spider enlists the help of Templeton, sending him on multiple trips to the garbage dump to look for advertisements.

How were Templeton and Charlotte going to get to the fair?

Charlotte went to the fair on a mission to protect Wilbur, while Templeton attended for more selfish reasons.

What did Avery smash when he fell?

When Avery climbs onto the pigpen fence in order to reach Charlotte’s web, he loses his balance and crashes into Wilbur’s trough, crushing something very stinky: Templeton’s rotten goose egg!

What was the last word that Charlotte wrote in her web?

The final word that Charlotte weaves into her web is HUMBLE, which means modest or not proud. Even though people come from all around to see Wilbur and think he is special, he does not let their attention change his personality. He is still a good friend to Charlotte and the other animals in the barn.

What did Charlotte Ask Templeton to bring?

Charlotte tells Templeton to bring her back a word for her to put in her web. Now that the humans have gone off to enjoy the fair, the animals are alone and can begin their plans. Charlotte is the mastermind behind the plans and sends Templeton off.

What did Wilbur ask of Templeton?

8. What did Wilbur ask of Templeton, and what was his initial response? Wilbur asked Templeton to climb up the wall and get Charlotte’s egg sac so Wilbur could take it back to the barn with him.

Is Templeton a hero in Charlotte’s Web?

Templeton is a gluttonous rat and the tritagonist and overall anti-hero of Charlotte’s Web. He is a greedy, gluttonous, lazy, and rather selfish rat who helps Charlotte and Wilbur only when offered food.