What Xavi said about Messi?

Xavi told Mundo Deportivo this week: “Messi has earned the right to have the doors open to him at Barcelona. “While I am manager here he is welcome to come to see training every day or speak with the manager. “What he has given us is priceless.

What Xavi said to Barcelona?

Xavi Hernandez says Barcelona will fight to win La Liga until it’s mathematically impossible. Barcelona are going to fight for La Liga until the end. That’s according to their coach Xavi Hernandez on Sunday evening in comments he made after La Blaugrana beat Sevilla 1-0 at Camp Nou thanks to a golazo from Pedri.

How many times did Xavi Iniesta assist Messi?

Andres Iniesta – 37 The Xavi-Iniesta axis is rightly one of the most lauded combinations in football history, the Spanish schemers having formed a unique understanding in Barcelona’s brilliant midfield.

How has Xavi improved Barcelona?

The Spaniard has focused on improving the mood of players, beginning with training sessions. Xavi recruited Ivan Torres to his coaching staff. He has introduced a number of team-building exercises to their training regimen. This has improved the mood and the morale of the squad, helping them to gel together as a unit.

Who assisted most to Messi?

Most assists in football in all competitions

Competition Players with most assists Assists
Copa América Lionel Messi 17
UEFA Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo 42
Premier League Ryan Giggs 162
UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League Bořek Dočkal 26

Who gives Messi more assists?

With 365 assists in his career, Messi is far ahead of the second player on the list….Most assists in football.

Player Team (current) Assists
Lionel Messi Paris Saint-Germain 365
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich 285
Luis Suarez Atletico Madrid 277
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United 272

Is Koeman better than Xavi?

In 30 games, Xavi has achieved just 16 victories at a success rate of 53.33%, which is not only worse than Koeman’s 58.21%, but also the lowest percentage of games won since Charly Rexach in 2002 who only managed 50%.

Who is the top assister in the world?

Lionel Messi (319 assists) The numbers speak for themselves. Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the best player on the planet. He took the world by storm ever since he made his Barcelona debut as a teenager. Lionel Messi started his career with Barcelona and has been a Barcelona player ever since.