When did say aah come out?

2009Say Aah / Released

What is Trey Songz most famous song?

List of the 10 Best Trey Songz Songs

  • Say Aah (Feat. Fabolous)
  • Na Na.
  • Can’t Help But Wait.
  • Nobody Else But You.
  • Back Home (Feat. Summer Walker)
  • Touchin, Lovin (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
  • Neighbors Know My Name.
  • Chi Chi (Feat. Chris Brown)

What’s Trey Songz real name?

Tremaine Aldon NeversonTrey Songz / Full name

Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, was arrested and jailed overnight in January.

Why do doctors ask you to say Ahh?

Here’s what your doctor’s looking for when he . . . Asks you to say “ahh.” He’s looking for swelling or discoloration in your mouth and throat, which may indicate oral cancer. This test also checks if your palate and uvula—the punching bag at the back of your throat—contract at the same time.

What is Trey Songz best songs?

This Top 10 Trey Songz Songs list will feature his best songs.

  • # 9 – Say Aah ft.
  • # 8 – Can’t Be Friends.
  • # 7 – I Invented Sex ft.
  • # 6 – Nobody Else But You.
  • # 5 – The Neighbors Know My Name.
  • # 4 – Love Faces.
  • # 3 – I Need a Girl.
  • # 1 – Can’t Help But Wait.

How many hit songs do Trey Songz have?

32 Song Chart Appearances He had chart topping singles covering a span of 11 years. See if Trey made the list of most famous people with first name Trey.

Do you have to take your pants off for a physical?

The doctor will ask the person to take off their pants and underwear before giving them a gown or cloth to wrap around themselves. The person will then either stand and bend forward at the waist or lie on their side in the fetal position on an exam table.

What does a doctor hear when he listens to your lungs?

When listening to your lungs, your doctor compares one side with the other and compares the front of your chest with the back of your chest. Airflow sounds differently when airways are blocked, narrowed, or filled with fluid. They’ll also listen for abnormal sounds such as wheezing.

Does Trey Songz have a baby on the way?

UPDATE: Trey Songz does indeed have a baby. His name is Noah. The singer took to his Instagram late yesterday to share another photo of his baby boy and to confirm that he is indeed a dad. He wrote, “My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed.

Does Trey Songz have a daughter?

TREY SONGZ stops by THE MORNING AFTER with ANGELA YEE and finds out that he has two babies in the D named after him. Filmed by Scott A. Marlowe

Does Trey Songz have any borthers or sisters?

Trey Songz Other Brother, Alex Neverson, Has Nerve To Do Light/Dark Poll. Discussion in ‘ Almost famous . . . ‘ started by DreamBussy, Nov 30, 2013 . I think Trey and Forrest have the same mother, I think IF ANYTHING he and Trey have the same dad. I don’t know just taking a guess.

Does Trey Songz write his own songs?

When singer Trey Songz got his feet wet in the music industry, he unintentionally took the same route. Being able to write his own songs gave him an edge over R&B artists that were used to crooning…