Where can I buy a used bike in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam loves its second-hand flea markets, and these can also be a great option for finding a great bicycle for cheap. If you can time it right, the best market to go to is the monthly IJ-Hallen Market that’s held in Amsterdam-Noord (North Amsterdam).

How much does a used bike cost in Amsterdam?

Buying a bicycle in Amsterdam Second hand bikes cost anywhere between €50 and €200, and can be bought at shops located all over the city. The price of a new bike starts at around €200.

How do I buy a second hand bike in the Netherlands?

Go to your local bike shop This is probably the most obvious option, albeit perhaps not the most cost effective. Every Dutch city and town will have one, if not many, bike shops. Bike shops tend to sell a mix of new, second-hand and refurbished bikes.

What happens if you buy a stolen bike in Amsterdam?

› Don’t buy a stolen bike. If you buy a used bike and the owner can’t show you an original proof of purchase, you can check the stolen bicycle registry that’s maintained by the Dutch police. Even unwittingly buying a stolen bicycle can lead to legal problems, and the police can take your bike.

Why are there so many bicycles in Amsterdam?

Bicycles are used by all socio-economic groups because of their convenience, Amsterdam’s small size, the 400 km of bike paths, the flat terrain, and the arguable inconvenience of driving an automobile: driving a car is discouraged, parking fees are expensive, and many streets are closed to cars or are one-way for motor …

How much is a second hand bike in the Netherlands?

How much do bikes cost in the Netherlands? A second hand bike can cost between €50 and €250 depending on the condition and quality of the bike. New bikes start around €250 for a simple omafiets and can go up to €800 for a really nice town bike from a good brand.

How much do bicycles cost in the Netherlands?

You can purchase a new bicycle for about 250 to 500 euros or a used one for about 50 to 150 euros.

How many bikes are stolen in Amsterdam every year?

Amsterdam Police and the Cyclists’ Union estimate that each year between 50.000 and 80.000 bikes are stolen.

Is bike theft a problem in Amsterdam?

Bike theft is the most common crime in Amsterdam, with more than 8,000 reported stolen so far this year, according to an analysis of police crime figures by broadcaster RTL Nieuws and quoted by AT5.

Is bike theft common in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, being a bicycle city, may seem like a haven for your bikes. But bike theft is also common here. Every year, authorities receive anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 reports of stolen bikes. In Amsterdam, there are more bikes than locals.

What bikes are popular in Amsterdam?

The Top Ten Bikes in Amsterdam in 2021

  • Omafiets. The Omafiets (a.k.a. grandma or ladies bike) is the common Dutch bicycle.
  • Opafiets. The single speed classic bike with a double top tube is practically a national icon.
  • Swapfiets.
  • Super73.
  • Urban Arrow.
  • VanMoof.
  • Phatfour.
  • Veloretti.