Where can I find the Braxton family Values?

Streaming on Roku. Braxton Family Values, a reality series starring is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Philo, Spectrum TV or Apple TV on your Roku device.

What season was Tamar Pregnant on Braxton Family Values?


No. overall No. in season Original air date
44 8 May 2, 2013
Tamar shares her pregnancy news with the family; Trina takes part in a cook-off and tries to convince Gabe to move to Los Angeles.
45 9 May 9, 2013

What are the Braxton sisters names?

Tamar Braxton
Traci BraxtonTrina BraxtonTowanda Braxton
Toni Braxton/Sisters

Did Traci Braxton have a funeral?

Her younger sister, Tamar, has since opened up about why their side of the family didn’t hold a traditional funeral to mark her passing. The infamous crew-turned-reality stars opted instead to host a kind of celebration of life memorial for Traci Braxton.

Did Traci Braxton have a baby?

Surratt and Braxton were married in 1996 and share a son, Kevin Jr., and a grandson, Kevin Surrat, III. The 26-year-old was one of the first to speak out, sharing an emotional post with a photo of him hugging his mother.

Did Tamar Braxton have a miscarriage?

The wife and mother shared the sad news with her eldest sister Toni. Tamar Braxton has been honest about her desire to continue growing her family, but on Thursday night’s episode of Braxton Family Values, the singer shared the heartbreaking news thar she had suffered a miscarriage.

What episode does Tamar have her baby?

Tamar and Vince – Season 2 Episode 7 – Baby Herbet Arrives.

When is Braxton Family Values coming back?

Rumors that the Braxton Family Values is being canceled first surfaced in February 2020. Traci Braxton cleared the rumors and said that the show is returning. The filming of the show is at a halt as of now due to lockdown because of coronavirus. Even after choosing her family over her career, she is now very successful in her chosen endeavors.

How many seasons are in Braxton Family Values?

On March 20, 2014, WE tv announced the fourth season renewal of Braxton Family Values. Season 4 consisted of 26 episodes and premiered on August 14, 2014. On May 19, 2016, the fifth season aired to We tv. On May 12, 2017, Tamar Braxton announced in an interview with Billboard the series would return with a sixth season.

Is Braxton Family Values cancelled?

The ‘Braxton Family Values’ To Be Cancelled. Looks like after 6 seasons, Braxton Family Values, the reality tv series could be coming to an end. The reality show follows the lives of singer and entertainer Toni Braxton along with her sisters–Trina, Tamar, Tawanda, and Tracy– and their mother, Evelyn. A source stated that the rating for

Is Trina Braxton still married?

Is Trina Braxton still married? Trina is now married to her third husband, Von Scales . Their relationship journey has been documented on Braxton Family Values and the couple wed in December 2019 in Scales’ hometown of St. Louis.