Where can I post freight loads?

Here are five popular online load boards where shippers, like yourself, can safely and reliably place their online loads.

  1. Direct Freight Services. DirectFreight.com gives shippers the ability to post their loads for free.
  2. Trulos.
  3. Convoy.
  4. NextLOAD.
  5. Cargobot.

What is the best paying load boards?

Top load boards for any carrier

  • Trucker Path. One of the industry’s top smartphone apps used by drivers everywhere is Trucker Path.
  • Truckstop.com. As one of the first load boards to appear on the internet, Truckstop.com is a comprehensive load board.
  • Direct Freight.
  • 123Loadboard.
  • DAT Load Board.

Where can I find truck load shippers?

Load boards – Truckers can also use public load boards to find loads posted by freight brokers. The most popular load boards charge a monthly subscription fee for the service though there are several free options to choose from. Truckstop.com and DAT are the biggest in the load board business and for good reason.

How do you find loads without a broker?

There are two options for owner-operators who go the dispatcher route – they can either hire a personal dispatcher directly or contact a trucking dispatching service for help. Dispatchers will connect you to shippers, in addition to managing the flow of your freight, helping with paperwork, doing accounting work, etc.

How can I get high paying freight loads?

Look for an association of retail store chain owners. Try the Government – If you can, try to bag government contracts. The government is a great client that offers high-paying loads and pays reliably. Government agencies like the Postal Service and the Military are some examples of possible clients.

Is TruckStop better than DAT?

For a side-by-side comparison of DAT vs….Truckstop.com vs. DAT.

Truckstop.com Load Board Pro DAT One
Customized Search Results Customizable load board allows you to search for quality loads that fit your exact needs. Fewer sorting and filtering options, making it more difficult to find the loads you need.

How can I get a truck load without a broker?

How do new owner operators get loads?

8 ways to get more loads as an owner-operator

  1. Use owner-operator load boards.
  2. Work with a freight broker.
  3. Contract with a dispatching service.
  4. Source directly from local shippers.
  5. Lease on with a company.
  6. Register as a government contractor.
  7. Network with other businesses.
  8. Use load-matching apps.

Where can I post freight loads for free?

Post Loads Free provides links to Internet sites that offer free freight load posting. Carriers search different sites for different reasons, but most will only search on a few.

Is the freightfinder website mobile friendly?

Welcome to our updated, mobile friendly website! We’ve made some pretty important improvements… be sure to check out our Press Release for full details. Find high paying truck loads of freight fast and free using the Freightfinder.com free load board search.

What’s new in the freight finder?

Sign up now and start finding freight anytime-anywhere! All sorts of awesome features! Custom Columns and Categories NEW! Improved Alert Scheduling NEW! Booked and Pending Loads NEW!

Can freight brokers Register on post bid?

Post.Bid.Ship works a little differently than other truck and freight load boards. Registration is technically only for shippers and carriers, but not for freight brokers. When freight brokers register, the system treats them as either a shipper or a carrier.