Where is Donald Fagen from?

Passaic, NJDonald Fagen / Place of birthPassaic is a city in Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2020 United States Census, the city had a total population of 70,537, ranking as the 16th largest municipality in New Jersey. Wikipedia

Where did Donald Fagen go to college?

Berklee College of Music
Bard College
Donald Fagen/College

What is Donald Fagan doing now?

After Becker’s death in 2017, Fagen wished to retire the Steely Dan name out of respect for his bandmate and tour under a different name, but promoters advised him against it for commercial reasons. As of 2020, Fagen continues to tour as Steely Dan.

How old is Donald Fagen?

74 years (January 10, 1948)Donald Fagen / Age

When was Donald Fagen born?

January 10, 1948 (age 74 years)Donald Fagen / Date of birth

Donald Fagen (b. January 10, 1948, Passaic, N.J.) was trained in classical piano from an early age, and while studying English at Bard College, he met Walter Becker (b. February 5, 1950, Brooklyn, N.Y.), who played guitar.

Is Donald Fagen still performing?

Donald Fagen will be taking Steely Dan on the road starting in May for the 2022 Earth After Hours Tour, which includes stops at Hollywood Bowl, and NYC-area shows at Jones Beach on June 29 and PNC Bank Arts Center on June 30.

Is Donald Fagen still married to Libby Titus?

They married in 1993. On January 4, 2016, Titus sustained injuries after Fagen allegedly shoved her against a marble window frame at their Upper East Side apartment. Titus informed the New York Post that she was divorcing her husband. The two have since reconciled.

Who died in the group Steely Dan?

On Sept. 3, 2017, guitarist-lyricist Becker died of esophageal cancer. His death triggered a current legal battle for ownership of Steely Dan, with the estate of Becker feuding with the band’s lone remaining member, Fagen.

Where was Steely Dan Northeast corridor?

The Philadelphia Live Album Returns with this Steely Dan joint, “Northeast Corridor” recorded live at The Met Philadelphia in November of 2019.

Was Walter Becker married?

Elinor BeckerWalter Becker / Spouse (m.?–1997)