Where is the Road of Death in Bolivia?

The road connects Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, to the town of Coroico. From La Paz, Yungas road climbs to around 15,260 feet (4,650 meters) before moderately rising to 3,900 feet (1,190 meters). Surrounded by mountainous terrain, the road stretches far enough to connect the Amazon rainforest to the capital city.

Has anyone died on Death Road Bolivia?

Starting in 1990’s, the road is now a popular tourist destination drawing some 25,000 thrillseekers. But the road has no mercy. At least 20 cyclists died on the ride since 1998. Carretera de los Yungas now has become a true business.

How long is Death Road in Bolivia?

49.71 miNorth Yungas Road / Length

Where is the world’s most dangerous road?

Carretera a los Yungas (Bolivia) Locally known as the ‘route of death’, this Bolivian road is 80 km long and considered by many as the world’s most dangerous road. But this doesn’t stop many adrenaline junkies from taking on the route which separates Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, and Coroico in the Yungas region.

Who Built Death Road Bolivia?

Paraguayan prisoners
The road was constructed in the 1930s by Paraguayan prisoners during the Chaco War, according to La Paz Life. The road climbs to 15,260 feet above sea level at La Cumbre Pass. Then, it’s a continuous downward stretch toward the Amazon rainforest.

Is it safe to drive in Bolivia?

Is it safe to drive in Bolivia? Not really. It’s not always safe to drive in Bolivia. There are can be some pretty hazardous road conditions out there.

Who Built Death Road?

First, let’s get some facts. Death Road, aka Yungas Road, is a 43-mile-long stretch of winding road through the Cordillera Oriental mountain chain. The road was constructed in the 1930s by Paraguayan prisoners during the Chaco War, according to La Paz Life.

How was Death Road built?

The modernization included enlarging the carriageway from one to two lanes, constructing asphalt pavement, and building a new section between Chusquipata and Yolosa, bypassing to the north one of the most dangerous sections of the old ‘Death Road’.

Is the death Road in Bolivia worth visiting?

However, the residents of Bolivia are “having fun” like this quite often, because the “death road” is the only way to travel between the northern and southern parts of the country. If you decide to visit Bolivia and visit this road, we highly recommend going there with some local people who are experts in driving this part.

What is the road to Bolivia’s Yungas like?

The road, that connects the Amazon rainforest region of northern Bolivia, or Yungas, to its capital city, includes macabre crosses marking many of the spots where vehicles have fallen.

What are the best roads in Bolivia for mountain biking?

One of the best known roads in Bolivia is the so-called Death Road, or Carretera de La Muerte in Spanish. It is actually a road to the tropical Yungas region of La Paz department, ideal for mountain bikes. There is a strong interest among tourists to experience a trip on this road, despite its notoriety.