Which Indian departments have pensions?

The Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare is the nodal department for formulation of policies relating to pension and other retirement benefits of Central Govt. employees covered under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 Apart from formulation of pension policy for the Central Govt.

How much is an MPs pension UK?

The rate is 1/51 — if an MP served for one year, they would get a yearly income of one 51st of their career average salary in retirement. As MPs typically serve for 11 years, the average retirement salary for an MP is £17,672 a year, based on their present earnings. This figure increases with inflation each year.

Which government jobs have pensions?

Indian government jobs with Pension You need not contribute anything. This is true for both officers and jawans, air force officers and airmen. Unlike other government employees, Army, Navy and Air Force personnel will get non-contributory kind of pension, i.e. they need not contribute anything to their pension fund.

Which government employees get pension?

As per General Provident fund (Central Services) Rules, 1960 all temporary Government servants after a continuous service of one year, all re-employed pensioners (Other than those eligible for admission to the Contributory Provident Fund) and all permanent Government servants are eligible to subscribe to the Fund.

What is the salary of an MP?

Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

Member of Parliament
Term length 5 years; renewable
Constituting instrument Article 81 of Constitution of India
Formation 26 January 1950
Salary ₹330,000 (US$4,300) (excl. allowances) per month

How much does the Speaker of the House get paid UK?

Speaker of the House of Commons (United Kingdom)

Speaker of the House of Commons
First holder Thomas Hungerford (first recorded holder, though role existed before)
Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means
Salary Entitled to £156,676 annually (including £79,468 MP’s salary)
Website www.parliament.uk/business/commons/the-speaker/