Which Treetop Adventure Park is best?

10 Best Treetop Adventures

  • 1/10. Historic Banning Mills, Whitesburg, Ga.
  • 2/10. ArborTrek Canopy Adventures, Jeffersonville, Vt.
  • 3/10. Adventures on the Gorge, Lansing, W.Va.
  • 4/10. Monkey Trunks Extreme Aerial Adventure, New England.
  • 5/10. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, Spicewood, TX.
  • 6/10. TreeTop Quest, Buford, Ga.
  • 7/10.
  • 8/10.

What can we do at treetop adventure park?

Bali Treetop Adventure Park’s different courses Includes flying-fox lines, parrot ladders, railway bridge, high flying swings, duck footpath, rolling swing, monkey track, plank footbridge, flying trapeze, spider net, rocking steps and downhill net.

What should I wear to treetop adventure?

Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in are recommended, so pants (or shorts) are definitely the best choice. We saw lots of variations on leggings, workout wear, hoodies and shorts with sneakers. Closed toe shoes are of course required.

How tall is Treetop Adventure?


  • Min Age: 10 years**
  • Min Height: 4 ft 7 in.
  • Max Weight: 285 lbs.

Can you zipline in LA?

Ziplining in LA at speeds of up to 55mph through the forest Plus, you go on a couple of smaller ziplines to start with, to practice ziplining and braking. If anyone is uncomfortable after the practice ziplines there is a way for them to exit the course.

Is there ziplining in Bali?

Begin with an epic zipline through the lush tropical jungle of Ubud not far from the most scenic rice terrace of Bali. Continue on by soaring through the coconut trees on a jungle swing.

How long does it take to do the TreeTop challenge?

Each course takes roughly 45 minutes and you can do as little or as much as you would like.

How long does tree tops take?

A 2.5-hour session through the aerial challenges (including gearing up) will have you laughing along with the kookaburras. After safety, your adrenaline is our top priority, so our courses are designed to challenge you, no matter what level you’re at.

What does TreeTop mean?

Definition of treetop 1 : the topmost part of a tree. 2 treetops plural : the height or line marked by the tops of a group of trees.

What is the minimum age for Go Ape?

The TreeTop Adventure course is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years old. However, under 6’s can do the course as long as they are at least 1 metre tall and are likely to enjoy it. One adult can supervise two children, but only one child is recommended if it is their first time.