Who is Ilene Chaiken married to?

LouAnne Brickhouse
Chaiken has been married to LouAnne Brickhouse, a former executive at Disney, since 2013. They live in the Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles and have nurtured more than 100 species of birds and other fauna, which they document regularly on an Instagram account.

How old is Ilene Chaiken?

64 years (June 30, 1957)Ilene Chaiken / Age

Who is The producer of The l Word?

The L Word
No. of seasons 6
No. of episodes 70 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Ilene Chaiken Rose Lam Steve Golin Larry Kennar

Who wrote and directed the L word?

Multi-hyphenate Marja-Lewis Ryan, showrunner, executive producer, director and writer on The L Word: Generation Q, is expanding her relationship with Showtime.

What does Generation Q stand for?

the generation of young people
Thomas Friedman had an interesting piece in last week’s NY Times about “Generation Q” – the generation of young people today whom he calls The Quiet Americans – and why they both impress and baffle him.

What does The L Word stand for?

‘The L Word’ Stands For ‘Love,’ Jennifer Beals Says of Showtime Series’ ‘Generation Q’ Return.

What is The L Word slang?

(euphemistic) The word lesbian.

Is Dani Nunez Iranian?

“I’m sure that they’ll make exceptions,” she tells her wife to be. Sophie is livid. “Did you see how they looked at me and my family?” Dani is a light-skinned, moneyed Chilean-Iranian woman; Sophie is Dominican-American and Afro-Latina.

Why did Gigi and Nat break up L Word?

They continue their conversation and Nat states that she feels guilty for putting their children through their divorce, and Gigi reveals that Nat never gave her a choice- after Nat discovered Gigi had cheated on her with a mutual friend, she immediately kicked Gigi out of their home and filed for divorce and in Gigi’s …

Who does Sophie choose L Word?

It is revealed that Sophie chose Dani, but the two did not elope to Hawaii in the end, though Sophie continues to be plagued with guilt over her affair with Finley.