Who is Jim the car salesman in the Big Book?

“Jim the Car Salesman,” mentioned on page 35, is attributed to be the story of Ralph Furlong, who got sober through meeting Bill Wilson.

Who wrote it might have been worse AA Big Book?

Chet R –
Chet R – Santa Barbara, CA 10-15-53 Chet R story “It Might Have Been Worse” appears in the Big Book on the following pages in the follow editions (p. 382 in 2nd edition, p. 373 in 3rd edition.)

Who is Fred in the Big Book of AA?

This story appeared in the first edition of the Big Book – Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 252. Harry is referred to as ‘Fred’ in Chapter Three – About Alcoholism, p. 39 (fourth edition).

Who was AA number 4?

– AA #4. The man generally considered AA number 4 was Ernie Galbraith, who first got sober in the summer of 1935, when Bill Wilson was still staying with the Smiths in Akron.

Who committed suicide in Bill Wilson’s home?

Bill C. a Canadian alkie staying at Bill’s house, committed suicide using a gas stove. 1st central committee formed in Cleveland; 1st example A.A. rotation.

Who is Ed 3 tradition?

Part of this story is true. “Ed” was really a fellow named Jim B., one of the first ten AA members in New York. Jim did work selling car polish for a company owned by Bill and Hank. He did go out of town on a sales trip and get drunk.

Who wrote my bottle my resentments and me?

James Burwell (March 23, 1898 – September 8, 1974), known as Jim B. or Jimmy B., was one of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) founding members. He was among the first ten members of AA on the East Coast, and was responsible for starting Alcoholics Anonymous in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Who wrote Fear of fear in the AA Big Book?

Ceil M.
This relatively short story was authored by Ceil M., who got sober in New York City in 1949. As with other authors of Personal Stories in the Big Book who achieved long-term sobriety in AA, Ceil M. provided an update to her story some 18 years after she and her husband, George, first came into the Program.

Who was AA number 3?

Bill Dotson
Bill Dotson, the “Man on the Bed,” was AA number 3. At his death, he had not had a drink in more than nineteen years. His date of sobriety was the date he entered Akron’s City Hospital for his last detox, June 26, 1935.

Did Rowland Hazard stay sober?

Rowland’s sobriety does not appear to have been continuous, at least in early years. Bluhm and Finch find suggestions in Hazard family letters of Rowland’s possible alcoholic relapse during a trip to Africa in 1927-28.

What does Friends of Jimmy K mean?

Jimmy kinnon (5 April 1911 – 9 July 1985), commonly known as Jimmy Kinnon or “Jimmy K.”, was the primary founder of Narcotics Anonymous (NA), a worldwide fellowship of recovering addicts. During his lifetime, he was usually referred to as “Jimmy K.” due to NA’s principle of personal anonymity on the public level.