Who is Mrs E Sheldon Whitehouse?

Edwin Sheldon Whitehouse (February 5, 1883 – August 5, 1965) was an American diplomat who served as the U.S. Minister to Guatemala and U.S. Minister to Colombia. New York City, New York, U.S. Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.

How old is Sheldon Whitehouse?

66 years (October 20, 1955)Sheldon Whitehouse / Age

Where is Sheldon Whitehouse from?

New York, NYSheldon Whitehouse / Place of birth

How do I contact the Rhode Island Senators?

  1. 408 US Federal Court House, 1 Exchange Terr., Providence, RI, 02903.
  2. Office Phone: (401)528-5200.
  3. TTY: 800-745-5555.
  4. Fax: (401)464-6837.
  5. Web: www.reed.senate.gov.
  6. Email: www.reed.senate.gov/contact.

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Tiffany & Co.
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Tiffany Yellow Diamond in “Bird on a Rock”
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Where did Sheldon Whitehouse attend law school?

University of Virginia School of Law1982
Yale University1978St. Paul’s School
Sheldon Whitehouse/Education

What district is Sheldon Whitehouse?

Senator (D-RI) since 2007Sheldon Whitehouse / Office

What is Sheldon Whitehouse known for?

Sheldon Whitehouse (born October 20, 1955) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States senator from Rhode Island since 2007. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as a United States Attorney from 1993 to 1998 and the 71st attorney general of Rhode Island from 1999 to 2003.

Who is my state senator Ri?

Sheldon Whitehouse (Democratic Party)
Jack ReedSince 1997
Rhode Island/Senators

Who has worn the 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond?

Throughout such an expansive history in the public eye, the diamond has only been worn by four famous women — Audrey Hepburn, American socialite Mrs. E. Sheldon Whitehouse, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé Knowles.