Who is Taylor Swift you belong with me about?

Taylor explained to MTV News: “This song is basically about wanting someone who is with this girl who doesn’t appreciate him at all. Basically like ‘girl-next-door-itis. ‘ You like this guy who you have for your whole life, and you know him better than she does but somehow the popular girl gets the guy every time.”

Who are the people in you belong with me?

The video featured Swift portraying two characters, a nerd (the protagonist and narrator) and a popular girl (the antagonist and girlfriend), while American actor Lucas Till portrayed the male lead.

Does Lucas Till have a brother?

Nick TillLucas Till / Brother

Is the other girl in you belong with me Taylor Swift?

“She looks very different with long, blonde hair.” And White explained it wasn’t just her look that was different in the disguise. “There was real Taylor and cheerleader Taylor, and once she put on that wig, real Taylor was gone,” White remembered.

Is You Belong With Me based on a true story?

Below, Swift tells The Boot about the inspiration for the massive hit. Just like all of my songs, ‘You Belong With Me’ is based on a real person.

What is Tristin Mays doing now?

In her spare time, Mays works with the Rujohn Foundation, which provides invaluable experiences for underprivileged children at sports and acting camps, as well educational tools for rural schools throughout Jamaica and select U.S. cities. In addition, Mays is writing a horror screenplay with her brother.

Where does Lucas Till live now?

Fort Hood
Los AngelesMarietta
Lucas Till/Places lived

Who is we are never getting back together about Harry Styles?

1 hits Taylor Swift will write about her recent relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, we do know which of her current and past hits were inspired by her notable exes. “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” for example, is about A-list movie star, Jake Gyllenhaal.