Who is the chairman of Bristol City Football Club?

chairman Jon Lansdown
Bristol City chairman Jon Lansdown spoke to the media at Ashton Gate on Wednesday.

Why are Bristol called the gas?

The local nickname of the club is “The Gas”, derived from the gasworks next to their former home, Eastville Stadium. This nickname originally began as a derogatory term used by fans of their main rivals, Bristol City, but was affectionately adopted by the club and its supporters.

How much is Bristol City worth?

EFL Championship

Club Owner(s) Estimated combined net worth
Bristol City Stephen Lansdown $2.6B
Cardiff City Vincent Tan (51%) $750M
Coventry City Joy Seppala
Derby County Mel Morris $700M

Is Bristol a cool city?

Bristol won the top spot as the coolest city in Britain in the Rough Guides’ Top UK City of 2017, shrugging off top cities like Oxford and London. Not surprising, talking about thriving culture, first-rate nightlife, and proximity to the buzzing outdoors, Bristol is in its class.

Why are Bristol Rovers called the Pirates?

They spent 89 years in the heart of North Bristol between 1897 to 1986 at the Eastville Stadium. Following a sale of the land they spent ten years at Twerton Park in Bath. The club’s official nickname is “The Pirates”, reflecting the maritime history of Bristol.

How old is Bristol City?

The medieval town of Bristol was incorporated in 1155. The harbour was improved in 1247 by diverting the Frome to the west and building a stone bridge at the point of its former confluence with the Avon.

Why is Bristol so popular?

Bristol offers something for everyone, whether you’re into music or museums. Perfectly placed, Bristol is a gateway to the South West. Bristol was the first British city to be named European Green Capital. Bristol’s modern economy is built on the creative media, technology, electronics and aerospace industries.